EP #131: Make your 2020 New Year’s Resolution the BEST One Ever!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about how to make your 2020 New Year’s resolution the BEST one ever:

  • Why you may not want to make a New Year’s resolution.
  • How changing your thinking around New Year’s resolutions can be critical.
  • How you can make your New Year’s Resolution the best one ever.
  • How using the concept of your “future self” can help you think about your future and motivate you to change.
  • Why inviting your future self into your life on a more permanent basis can help you deal with your negative thoughts about time and aging.
  • What three easy steps are to make an amazing New Year’s Resolution.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode takes a bit of a different twist on New Year’s Resolutions. Not everyone embraces the idea of a New Year’s Resolution. But here’s how you can learn to make the best one ever.

Resolutions can throw you for a loop and bring up all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings. So many of us have had a disappointing experience with them. Like everything else, however, the way you think ABOUT resolutions is directly related to their success.

Thinking that “they never work” or “I’ll just fail again after a few weeks” only creates negative feelings that don’t motivate you or create the feelings you need to do the work toward the goal.

That’s where your future self can play an important role. Thinking about what you want in the future and how appreciative you might be for the work you do now can be the mindset shift you need to create the results that you want. Learn three easy steps to make an amazing New Year’s Resolution. It turns out that your future self has the potential to be exceptionally motivating!

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