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Suzy Rosenstein Midlife CoachWelcome to the World of Possibility with Suzy Rosenstein, Your Midlife Possibility Girl™!


What would your life be like if you were truly open to what’s possible in your next midlife chapter? If there’s something I’ve learned on this incredible journey called life, it’s that age is just a number, clarity about what you want can be a reality and what’s actually possible is limitless, no matter, no matter how old you are.

Hi there, I’m Suzy Rosenstein, Master Life Coach & Midlife Coach & Mentor, your very own Midlife Possibility Girl™, and I’m thrilled to go on this adventure with you!

What’s a “Midlife Possibility Girl?”

It’s pretty simple. As your Midlife Possibility Girl, I’m ready to guide you on your journey to embrace what’s actually possible in your life no matter your age. And guess what? You will soon learn how to be your own midlife possibility girl, and that’s when the magic really happens!

Midlife can be full of surprises.

If someone had told me a few years ago that I would be leading a community focused on helping others uncover their true potential and embrace boundless possibilities, I might have raised an eyebrow…or two…

But life has a funny way of surprising us, and I couldn’t be more grateful for where it’s led me.

Does your age define your midlife journey?

As a firm believer in the magic of dreams and reinvention, I’ve never let age define my journey. I just turned 60 myself. And whether you’re in your 50s or 60s, I want you to know that you’re never too old or too young to explore new paths and create a future that sparkles with excitement.

I had been in my long-term job way too long and desperately needed a midlife career change.

midlife coach possibility girl

For years, I happily pursued a career in health education and health promotion, fascinated by understanding human behavior. But something shifted in my late 40s; I craved deeper connections and one-on-one interactions. And I was quite surprised I wasn’t an entrepreneur yet.

As I approached 50, I couldn’t ignore this desire any longer. It was time to unleash my inner Midlife Possibility Girl, embracing change and celebrating life’s adventures…which are EVERYWHERE just waiting for you. Can you relate? Embracing change can be thrilling (and scary!). But I learned to do it anyway. And so can you.

So, I took the leap and discovered life coaching. To my delight, this journey not only transformed my life but also ignited my passion for helping others find their own paths. I realized that age is never a barrier to embracing new beginnings. The possibilities really are endless!

I’m here to show you how to take those steps forward too.

Your thoughts about aging & what’s possible might surprise you.

I truly believe that aging is a gift. My parents didn’t have the gift of aging as they died quite young, at 32 and 41 years old. I was very young when each of them passed. As a result, I have great clarity around this concept of aging being a gift. They didn’t have the privilege to age. Literally. It’s definitely time to celebrate more in your life…especially your birthdays!

suzy rosenstein baja gray whalesI also believe that that your age doesn’t have to define your worth or the magic you can create in your life. This is why your mindset about aging is important to understand. Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond, you have the power to reinvent yourself and find the joy you’ve been searching for.

You might catch yourself thinking that “all the good stuff already happened in my life” or that “nothing really great will happen in my next chapter.” I’ve learned not to automatically believe thoughts like these and to notice how you feel when you think them.  Not great!

Personally, I’ve had some particularly crazy things happen to me in my 50s. Like off the charts…you would likely never even imagine these things could happen…yet they did. I’ve talked  about them too (blog / podcast). First, in 2017, I was contacted by the Museum of Modern Art in NYC (yes…MoMA) because they wanted to include something I made with my own hands in a huge, upcoming exhibit!

The thing is, you just don’t know what’s possible! In 2022, something else happened that was 70 years in the making happened and blew my mind. My mother (who passed when I was 5 yrs old) lost a silver bracelet on the beaches of her home town in Rhode Island. It had her name engraved on it and the year, 1951. I was contacted in 2022 and told that someone had found it, and returned it to me! suzy rosenstein kindness lost bracelet

It’s time to dare to dream in midlife.

You just can’t make this stuff up. To be honest, I wouldn’t have even dared to dream either of these things. Yet they happened. They were possible. And this all happened after I turned 50.

Through the “World of Possibility” with  me, Suzy your Midlife Coach, I offer you a hand to hold and a guide to navigate the twists and turns of this phase of life. You can start with a baby step and dare to dream. Together, we’ll uncover your unique strengths, desires and passions. No matter where you stand today, your tomorrow is filled with promise and opportunities.

Age is just another chance to add more colors to your life’s canvas. It’s also a chance to explore new passions, just like I did when I became a Certified Life Coach and then Certified Master Coach and introduced the amazing world of midlife transformation coaching to my community.

Understand your limiting beliefs.

Our journey together will be one of self-discovery and empowerment. We’ll transform limiting beliefs into boundless possibilities and fear into unstoppable courage. I’m not just a coach; I’m your partner in embracing your true potential. I’m also your cheerleader and I love this role!

So, if you’re ready to ditch the regrets and step into the shoes of YOUR Midlife Possibility Girl, let’s connect! Book a FREE Insight Momentum Call with me, and together, we’ll create explore the REAL potential of your next chapter.suzy Niko the Newf

In the “World of Possibility,” you might just come to believe that age is our ally, and every step forward can be a celebration. Let’s kick things up a notch! It’s time to have more fun, learn to dream, and create a world where possibilities are endless, and life is an adventure that you’re excited about.

Join us today, and let’s paint a future that’s full of possibility! 

When you get this dialed in, you feel giddy with excitement about what’s actually possible. I know that may seem out of reach but seriously…you can move in this direction! Have questions or want to know more about the World of Possibility? Reach out to me anytime at info@suzyrosenstein.com, and let’s chat!

Remember, you can also become a Midlife Possibility Girl, and the world is your oyster!  I have a feeling you’re just getting started!

Questions? I’m here for you!


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