Top 10 Insightful Questions to Reimagine your Life after 50

Next level help for your next chapter!


Are you Stuck in a Midlife Funk?

I’m a Master Certified Life Coach & Midlife Mentor who’s on a mission to help amazing midlife women like you feel fulfilled and excited about your lives again.

Master Certified Life & Weight Coach

You'll benefit from coaching together if...

  • You're feeling stuck
  • Your career's not cutting it anymore
  • You're afraid of running out of time to find more purpose and can no longer ignore your drive to grow
  • You know deep down there’s more out there for you. But...you’re not sure how to find the meaning you’re looking for
  • You're ready to take control and regret-proof your career and your life.

It’s time to prioritize yourself in a whole new way.

If you’re having a midlife crisis, or in a midlife funk about your career, empty nest or even aging, you're probably not a happy camper these days.

I get it. I've been there too! I remember what it was like to feel stuck and confused about how to be happier in midlife. It's so frustrating.

If only you were clear about what to do and how to move forward! You know you're wasting time and not living your best life.

Think about it. There's a cost to staying stuck.

What would your life would be like when you figure out what you want and know how to make changes that make you more fulfilled and giddy with excitement?

Yes...I said "giddy."

Imagine what it would be like to go from being last on your list to Finally First.

It's time to take control and love your life again!

Read how have I helped others...

I was stuck and knew my job was no longer bringing me the satisfaction it once did. Suzy’s coaching led me through the thinking I needed to generate viable alternatives. - Rose, Ontario

Through thoughtful questions about my life – past and current – and through discussion about my passions, Suzy helped me think positively about my unexpected midlife career change; she left me feeling ready to face this new life challenge with excitement and optimism. - Kathleen, Rhode Island

Suzy really helped me to identify areas of my life that badly needed my attention, to set priorities and to find the courage to face areas I’d been avoiding for months. She has a knack for sensing when we were focused on the most salient aspects of my challenges and refused to budge until we had teased apart what was keeping me stuck. - Martha, Ontario

Buy from the Wired Up Naturally Intention Collection

Designing with natural beads like Quartz, Pearls and Abalone allows me to infuse these pendants with mindfulness and intention. Each piece has a transparent nature and is created with wire spirals to reflect the same approach I use with my clients, one that helps them become more open, clear and intentional about midlife. I love making these pendants as much as you will love wearing them!

In midlife, it can be hard to imagine what's really possible for you. I caught myself recently not believing what was possible too.  Then, I was super surprised and delighted!

I'm extremely honored and proud to have recently had a piece from my beaded wire work - a creative and modern kippah - featured at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) exhibit, "Items: Is Fashion Modern."

You can't make this stuff up! What if 50 is just the beginning?

- Suzy Rosenstein

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Women in the Middle®: Loving Life After 50

Life in your 50s doesn’t have to be about watching your life pass you by. You don’t have to feel stagnant and fearful of regrets. It’s your time to re-learn how to put yourself first again and satisfy your need to grow, to embrace your power to create a life that you love.

Learn the skills and tools that will help you love your life and live intentionally.



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