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Suzy is like no other coach you will work with. Her personality is infectious. She is fun, upbeat and approachable. At the same time her questions and insight are spot on and go straight to the heart of what is keeping you stuck. I first coached with Suzy in late 2019 and then signed up for her membership program in March 2020.

Before coaching with Suzy I could not have predicted the transformation my life has taken. I have a renowned sense of purpose for my job, I have an appreciation for my family and I have discovered the threads of joy that have been consistent through my life. With all that information, I can plan the next phase(s) of my life with enthusiasm and anticipation. I love the community and program that Suzy has created. She consistently challenges my way of thinking and yet creates a welcoming and safe place where I can set goals and share each imperfect step towards achieving it. I strongly recommend Suzy as a coach for anyone, most especially if you are in life transition, anytime or in midlife.

Krystal S., Illinois

Personal coaching with Suzy was the best decision I have made in a long time. By investing in myself, Suzy helped me see how my thoughts are creating my emotions, and how I was thinking about my circumstances was keeping me stuck in a midlife funk. She gave me tools to turn that bus around and take charge. After my career fell apart before my eyes, Suzy helped me emerge with a plan and with the confidence to build a life that I WANT to live.

Carolyn G., Missouri

Suzy is an amazing coach — she zeroes in so precisely on the problem. She has such a broad array of tools and she always pulls out just the right one for whatever I happen to be struggling with. And she’s such a great teacher — Love working with her!

Jill W.

No one told me that heading into my 50s my life would feel like it was turning upside down. So many things in my life that used to be a given we’re beginning to change… My children left home, my marriage wasn’t what I thought it would be at this point, I was starting to age, I was looking at my career and wondering if my life had gone in the directions that I have wanted it to so many years ago. And then came Suzy. I listened for almost a year to her women in the middle podcast and she was speaking right to me.. she really gets ‘women in the middle’ that are stuck and she has tools that you can use to get yourself free and look forward to the rest of your life.

Kelly C., California

When I signed up to work with Suzy I had a very linear way of thinking which kept me  in a very dark & miserable state. Suzy helped to open up my thinking & shed light into my life. She helped me question my  thoughts& dig deep. Her questions were a guide to my subconscious. Once I was able to accept those thoughts, I was able to let go – something I never thought was possible for me. To sum it up, this is Necessary Education!

Patty S. Ontario

My time in Suzy’s mastermind is exactly what I needed when I turned 50! I had been in a job I loved for over a decade, and a career I had been in for much longer. But, after losing both my parents to brutal cancers in a short time, my eyes opened to how short and precious life is. We must make the most of it!

So, I wanted to make sure I have no regrets. I have a lot to offer and wanted to be more intentional about how I chose to use my valuable time.  With the help of Suzy’s tools, I realized there were many things I had wanted to explore. I even uncovered areas I was completely unaware of! Her program helped me manage my mind around many of my relationships as well, especially my relationship with myself.

As an added bonus, Suzy’s warm-hearted, witty style makes the process fun. She is a delight to see on the regular calls.

If you are on the fence, feel free to jump to Suzy’s side. It is a safe and exciting place to be!

Paula R. Washington

My desire for coaching was to finally figure out my thought patterns that had negatively impacted me both personally and professionally. The membership thoughtfully reflects on multiple areas of a woman’s middle-aged life. Given the small group collaboration and led by Suzy Rosenstein, an experienced life coach, it turned out to be a great way to introspectively and communally examine thought models, strategize ways to achieve clarity in goal-setting and obstacle navigation. Even though I have never been a part of small group collaboration, I found the group experience to be thought provoking and an easy way to share mid-life examinations. It has definitely been a roadmap and gift for myself.

Lori H. Illinois

Suzy is an amazing coach! I was in a serious rut with my business and life when we first started working together. Suzy helped me get to the heart of why I was feeling so stuck and gave me the tools and support I needed to get – and stay – unstuck. It feels great to have my business and life back on track again.

Margaret V. Iowa

Suzy’s program and the community she created were the fuel that got me to my goals. I learned the importance of being reliable to myself first; to plan for obstacles and create strategies ahead of time to overcome those obstacles that could potentially get in my way of achieving my goals. She helped me identify the thoughts that were getting hijacking the results I wanted in my life.

Wendy M. California

Although I am only in my early 30s, I had identified very much with the “midlife funk” that Suzy refers to. As a physician, during the time spent in school and training, I had lost sight of my priorities and passions, and had felt very dissatisfied in my work and presence at home. I was feeling overwhelmed, and negative thinking about the various aspects of my life were leading me to consider leaving my profession to find the work-life balance that I much desired.

I reached out to Suzy in a last attempt, to see if I could finally start to gain some clarity about who I was and what was most important to me. I needed to see if there was a way that I could continue to practice medicine and achieve the happiness in my personal life, and achieve the goals I set for myself. Suzy has an open and compassionate approach, an ability to help me come to my own realizations, and provides guidance when needed. The strategies used to help change how one thinks are simple, but to me are mind-blowing in their impact. I continue to be amazed at how I can implement these in every aspect of my life, and in as little as 3 months time, I have noticed immense impacts on my happiness and productivity. I have recognized that my happiness is within my own control, and with focusing on the process involved in getting to my goals, and believing that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, I am finally starting to live and create the life I had always wanted. With enthusiasm, I would recommend her to other physicians and professionals who are looking for more satisfaction in their work and personal lives. Working with her has been life-changing!

Ashwini, Ohio

I highly recommend working with Suzy if you would like to receive expert coaching on how to elevate your life on any level. The many levels that she helped me to unpack and rise higher in included career, romance, weight loss, and, most importantly, my overall thought patterns. I particularly urge midlife women to contact Suzy, as she has experienced this transition herself and can provide encouraging and constructive insights. Thank you, Suzy, for all I have learned in our work together!

Renee, New Jersey

Coaching with Suzy was amazing! As a recent University graduate who has had to go against the grain of what my peers were doing, Suzy really helped me to realize that the path I am on is meaningful and fulfilling and exactly where I need to be right now. She really helped me pinpoint my negative thoughts that were holding me back. It was a really cool experience to be able to go through her exercises and feel the feelings and thoughts they evoked and be able to communicate them. Communicating them really helped me address the thoughts directly and be able to identify the causes of them. Before I just experienced the thoughts as they came to me and let them take my emotions where they would, but now I feel as though I can identify the harmful thoughts and put an end to them before they run amok. With the new phrases and thoughts we worked on I feel much better about where I am in life and how to further achieve my goals in the future. I very highly recommend coaching with Suzy! Thank you so much!

Lindsay, Nova Scotia

Suzy was a joy to work with over 6 sessions. I looked forward to our weekly check-in. She held me accountable to my commitments to keep me progressing. Suzy encouraged me to reprioritize, initiate difficult conversations to move forward, challenge my thinking and list my goals. Here’s to now realizing them!

Darlene, Ontario

I had the privilege of being one of Suzy’s first clients as she started her life coaching practice. I was feeling very stuck and knew my job was no longer bringing me the satisfaction it once did. I had contemplated a change many times over the years, but the courage to follow through had never been there. I hate change. I like my routine. This was what I knew and I could not see a different path. Suzy led me through the thinking I needed to generate viable alternatives. Her enthusiasm is amazing, and I likened her to my personal cheerleader. I did nothing immediately. Life then led me down a road I could not have foreseen and her words came to the forefront. I did leave my lifelong career to pursue the passion I had as child, writing. I will be publishing my first book soon. Thank you Suzy for your professional support and coaching!

Rose, Ontario

I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for Suzy’s coaching session package. I have done a lot of work on myself over the years, and am familiar with many concepts on how our thinking creates our realities, and how it is possible to change it. I didn’t want this to be the same things I already have “struggled” with. I also know that in order for something to be truly helpful, I must be ready to make changes and be open to trying new things. Somehow, working with Suzy made that process happen in most natural way that was very comfortable for me, and I am happy to say, that desired changes are indeed happening! Suzy listens intently, is intuitive to what she hears, and therefore can truly coach you to look at whatever it is you want to accomplish in the sessions. I highly recommend her!

Karen, Florida

Through thoughtful questions about my life – past and current – and through discussion about my passions, Suzy, helped me think positively about my unexpected midlife career change. She left me feeling ready to face this new life challenge with excitement and optimism.

Kathleen, Rhode Island

Working with Suzy was an interesting and exciting prospect for me. I went into the course very skeptically (I had never participated in any life coaching programs before) and finished feeling that we had accomplished a lot. It didn’t take long for me to feel very comfortable talking to her about serious issues that you don’t get a chance to discuss in everyday conversations, even with those close to you. The program she takes you through is structured in such a way that each step builds on the previous one so that you can build a strong foundation for moving forward with your aspirations. What I really enjoyed was examining suppositions that I’d held so dearly and seeing that they weren’t necessarily true and could be holding me back. All this was done in a caring, professional manner that made me look forward to the next week’s session.

For anyone at a crossroads and feeling overwhelmed, I would highly recommend Suzy’s program. At the conclusion I felt energized and focused. I’m so pleased that I decided to give it a shot.

Elaine, Ontario

It felt great to have someone listen without judgement. I felt really comfortable discussing some sensitive topics that had been bothering me for a while. I needed to take action, but felt too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. The very best part of our session was how you helped me to think “outside the box” and realize all the other options I have!

Sharon, Ontario

Suzy helped me identify a particular negative self-image attitude that has been detracting from my career fulfillment.She also helped me to re-frame my expectations and change my thought pattern around my current employment situation

Lorynne, Ontario

Suzy really helped me to identify areas of my life that badly needed my attention, to set priorities, and to find the courage to face areas I’d been avoiding for months.I felt constantly supported by Suzy, but also strongly encouraged to rethink some of my fixed ideas. Suzy had a knack for sensing when we were focused on the most salient aspects of my challenges and refused to budge until we had teased apart what was keeping me stuck. It was fun to work with Suzy. I felt that she was sincerely present and interested in my well-being. At the end of our six sessions, I feel more grounded in my life and far more hopeful about my future.

Martha, Ontario

Suzy asked insightful questions that helped me clarify what I needed to do to move a new venture forward.

Margaret, Ontario

Suzy really helped me to take a more relaxed approach to doing household tasks. She was personable, listened carefully to my concerns and gave spot-on suggestions.

Dawn, Pennsylvania

I worked with Suzy for several phone sessions. Even though she was not there in person, I felt she was deeply engaged and listening. More than that, her questions and suggestions were spot on and extremely helpful with identifying the blockers that were preventing me from achieving my potential. She is passionate about what she does and is very competent. I would recommend her to all who want an honest, no-nonsense life coach who deeply cares about her clients

Drew, Massachusetts

At a pivotal crossroads in my life, I turned to Suzy for a few coaching sessions. Her questions are relevant, probing, thought provoking and stimulated profoundly important self-exploration.

She has a tremendous ability to focus in, with insightful clarity, on what really holds us back, what the big picture problems are and direct pathways to access results.

Working with Suzy has enabled me to shifted gears and my mindset. I now have a whole new career which has taken off in ways I never expected!

Thanks Suzy!!

Sara, Ontario

In recently working with Suzy (my first experience with life coaching), I have learned that life coaching makes complete sense in that it has effectively assisted me in viewing my present day life and thought processes from a completely different perspective. My experience with Suzy has been nothing short of eye-opening, informative, reflective and incredibly thorough. Suzy’s personality was wonderfully suited to my personality. She was able to guide me in extractingthose feelings and thoughts that were igniting negativity in my life and move forward with a clearer understanding on the steps that can help toward moving in the right path and ultimately live a happier life. She is patient, kind, logical, intelligent and has been a very effective and superlative coach. I would recommend her to anyone interested in delving into discussions on thought processes to seek success at attaining success at making desired personal goals a reality.

Barbara, Rhode Island

Wow, what a pleasure! Suzy’s coaching is the perfect tool for helping me dig deep into my own life. I have never done so much practical thought work that lead to actual tangible results. Yes, I am a young guy (not quite her target market) but Suzy’s ability to be kind, skillful and goal-oriented allows her to get results for anyone willing to invest into her program. I achieved my long-time goal of reaching 15 clients in my coaching business. I’ve been at this for 2 1/2 years and it’s been a crazy journey! I thought learning to grow a business was the most challenging part, when in reality, it was uncovering and shifting my hidden mind blocks.  The key insights that allowed me to breakthrough and finally get the results were: 1) If you aren’t aware of what you are thinking, you are NOT in control of your results; 2) Your business and life is always a reflection of you; 3) If you are wanting something so bad, and you don’t have it, unconsciously you’re focusing on the lack of it, keeping you stuck; 4) Stop trying to achieve abundance. It’s a feeling that comes from within; 5) Next level results require a coach to observe what’s in your current mental blind spots. Kudos to Suzy!

Tyson, Australia

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