Have you had a Top 10 Day of the Year Yet?

Have you had a Top 10 Day of the Year yet? New years, top 10, midlife

Reflecting on your top 10 days is a great way to celebrate the new year!

I love remembering when I had one of these magnificently memorable top 10 days of the year.

It’s a guaranteed smile.

There was a special top 10 day a few years ago that really stands out. I could just feel it when it was happening.

It had a sizzle-like quality!

I was 55 years old and deep into being a midlife gal.

It was such a strong feeling…I couldn’t ignore it.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I didn’t notice it right away.

But a few hours in, I totally did.

You may not know what I’m talking about with this whole “Top 10 Days of the Year” thing.

Make sure to listen to Episode 78 of the Women in the Middle Podcast, where I interviewed my Uncle Bob (an expert in celebrating life!) about the importance of new traditions and new ways to celebrate life. This idea came from him.

At the end of every year, he reflects back and identifies his TOP 10 DAYS OF THE YEAR (inspired by David Letterman, of course!).

And guess what?  He doesn’t track them throughout the year, but just looks back and thinks about it.

The other thing he said is that as he thinks one might be happening, he LEANS INTO IT MORE…kind of amplifying it’s power.

I love that.

I was so impressed with this idea for a new tradition for New Year’s that I did a specific podcast episode about it where I broke down all of the steps to make it easy for you to capitalize and leverage the entire experience! LISTEN HERE to Episode 283 of the Women in the Middle Podcast.

One of my Top 10 Days

So 5 years ago, I booked tickets to California to go to a retreat.  As I was looking at flights and checking out the hotel, I realized it was right on the beach.

Then I got an idea.

Maybe I should go a day early and go whale watching.

You know how much I love whale watching !

  • Could I do that?
  • Could I afford it?
  • Was I cool with going alone?


midlife women love whales

I became giddy as I went from “just going to the retreat” to figuring out how I could REALLY have more fun and AMPLIFY the whole experience and effort.

I saw myself resisting the price.

I saw myself feel like I couldn’t go.

It’s so funny because as I soon realized the mind drama, I also realized I could TOTALLY do this.

Then I booked it!  And once I started to think about how I could have even MORE FUN, I got more ideas.

I invited my Uncle Bob to meet me for lunch, right after I landed (the Top 10 guy from the podcast – he would have to drive in 2 hours, but I asked).

Then I posted in my retreat Facebook group to see if anyone else (my new friends that I hadn’t met yet) wanted to join me.

And I even bought a VIP Whale Watching Ticket that came with better seats and perks.


So I got to my hotel. My Uncle took me to lunch at a restaurant with an amazing view on the beach. My whale watching new-friend arrived at the hotel too.  My Uncle drove us to the Whale Watch.

And it got better!

  • I loved my new friend!
  • We saw a pregnant Grey Whale, tons of Dolphins and Sea Lions.
  • Our seats were amazing!
  • We got a free glass of wine!

And I could just FEEL how relaxed and happy I was that I pushed a little, stretched a little, and WENT FOR IT to create more joy in my life.

It was a clearly a top 10 day.

And as I’m sitting here freezing my butt off in Toronto with a dark, cold winter approaching, I’m super grateful that I have this experience to reflect on.

This, my friend, is what regret-proofing looks like.

So my question to you is, if you haven’t had a TOP 10 DAY of the year lately, what ways are you planning to bring more joy into your life so you increase the likelihood of having one soon?

Make sure to listen to Episode 283, “Make a Top 10 10 Days List for your New Year Celebration in Midlife” for the exact steps on how to make your list easy and fun to pull together! Enjoy!

midlife podcast for womenSuzy Rosenstein, MA is a master certified life coach and host of the popular podcast for midlife women, Women in the Middle: Loving Life after 50. Suzy knows first hand that having the privilege to age is a gift. She helps women 50+ (including entrepreneurs) believe what’s actually possible, no matter their age, and find the meaning they’re looking for so they can be clear about what they want with the confidence, courage and commitment to have fun pursuing it! 


Modified and republished on December 25, 2023



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