EP #364: ENCORE: Getting Unstuck in Midlife: Insights from Women in the Middle


What You’ll Learn During this Encore Episode About Getting Unstuck in Midlife: Insights from Women in the Middle:

  • Why hearing examples of women getting unstuck in midlife can help you.
  • Why understanding what it feels like to be stuck can help you understand your experience.
  • Why there’s a personal cost to staying stuck.
  • Why becoming more aware of your thinking can change your life.
  • Why embracing the power of a like-minded community can be incredibly supportive.
  • What it feels like to be unstuck and thrive in midlife and why it’s an awesome goal for you.
  • How the Women in the Middle Academy can help you get unstuck, get clear, and love your life again.

Welcome to Another Episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

This week’s encore episode is about getting unstuck in midlife and features insights from the Women in the Middle Academy. The original episode was published in December 2021.

Getting unstuck in midlife is a goal for many amazing women over 50. When you’re feeling stuck, it’s hard to imagine how to get super clear about what you want and make the changes necessary to move toward it.

That’s why today’s interview panel will be so impactful. Today’s guests have all been stuck and confused about what they wanted in their next chapter and now they’re on the other side of it, happy and more fulfilled. They didn’t figure it all out on their own; they got coaching. They joined the coaching group, the Women in the Middle Academy. They did the hard work of digging deep, self-reflection, and self-exploration. They reimagined what was possible for their lives.

My guests today are amazing, courageous women who are thriving in midlife and know they have the insight and mindfulness tools to continue growing forward! They now understand what feeling stuck was all about for them; then they applied what they learned about themselves to grow forward. They have never looked back!

Carolyn Gillespie is from Kansas City, Missouri, and is an accountant at a local nonprofit. She has 3 children in their 20s and a sometimes empty nest. Carolyn’s an avid exerciser and has competed locally in sprint triathlons.

Toni Price is from St. Joseph, Missouri but resides in Muncie, Indiana with her rescue dog Buddy. She also has two grown kids, three grandchildren, and two granddogs. She’s totally loyal to the Kansas City Chiefs. Her career has centered around sales and management and she’s currently working as a Relationship Manager.

Krystal Sodaitis lives in Chicago, Illinois with her school-aged children, husband, father, and a 90 lb Bernie-Doodle. She’s a pediatrician by training but now works as a healthcare executive for a local health plan. She’s also a Certified Life and Weight Coach and loves coaching leaders and twice exceptional physicians. She’s an avid fan of cruising.

Carolyn, Toni, and Krystal are living proof that when you put yourself first like this, you can totally get unstuck, get super clear about what you want, and love your life again. I know you’re going to love this interview. Please enjoy!

Featured on the Show:

New Masterclass: Get Unstuck: Midlife Clarity Fast & Easy. www.midliferoadmap.com

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