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FREE! Midlife Classes & Webinars for Women 50+

Sign up for a free learning opportunity that's chock full of midlife goodness! Suzy hosts these regularly. Click through and see what's coming up, register, get insights about how to get unstuck and embrace the gift of aging so you're more fulfilled and happier!

FREE! Women in the Middle® Podcast

Listen to over 300 informative, upbeat and fun midlife mindfulness based episodes to help you love your life after 50! Available here on my website and available on itunes, Spotify and all of your favorite podcast apps!

FREE! Get Unstuck Podcast Bundle

The “Get Unstuck in Midlife” Podcast Bundle will take you through the 12 most popular midlife-funk-busting episodes! Get the BEST TIPS to help you with empty nest, bad underwear, self-care, career change, feeling younger, having more fun, weight loss, getting unstuck, relationships, being happier and more!

FREE! New Podcast, the Women in the Middle® Entrepreneurs

Are you a woman over 50 who’s also an entrepreneur? If you’re currently navigating “classic midlife issues like empty nest, caring for aging parents, menopause, ageism, visibility, lack of work/life balance, etc., then you might be a great guest for this show!

FREE! Regret-Proof Your Vision Board Worksheet

Want to make a vision board that really works? Here's a free and powerful vision board brainstorming template. It's the perfect way for you to start thinking about what you want to create in your life on purpose. Download your Regret-Proof Your Vision Board Worksheet and learn 7 easy steps to make a vision board that really works!

FREE! Top 10 Questions to Reimagine Your Life after 50 Guide

Is your life feeling "blah" lately? Do you know you're meant for more but don't know how to get there? These 10 questions help you get unstuck & reimagine your life after 50!

FREE! Get Unstuck Mini Training

Get unstuck & live your best life because there’s way more fun to be had with this online mini training. In less than 10 minutes you’ll discover what the main secret is to unsticking yourself and making your dreams come true. Yes… really!

FREE! Women in the Middle BLOG

Discover all kinds of midlife goodness in over 170 blogs about everything from empty nest, milestone birthdays, relationships, self-care, career change, feeling stuck, mindset about aging, resistance, accountability, dreaming big and more!

FREE! Women in the Middle Community Facebook Group (Regret-Proofing 101)

Join us to continue the Podcast conversation, connect with other midlife women and grow forward knowing you’re not alone! Make sure to fill out the questions when you apply.

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Top secrets from the 12 most popular podcast episodes to fall in love with your life again.


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