The 3 surprisingly easy steps to take action on clutter

What’s the secret to taking action on clutter? Why is it that some people are so good at throwing things out and others aren’t?

We all have friends like this. Especially midlife gals. Some of them are constantly going through their kids clothes and sports equipment. They mention this clutter-busting activity without stress.

And we all have clutter-loving friends too. These friends have more “stuff.” They are Queens of their Clutter Castle. Sometimes they complain about it; sometimes they don’t. But most of us know who they are because they talk about it one way or the other.

Have you found yourself thinking about why you can’t just can’t get though that pile on your kitchen table, throw out your kids’ unimpressive, non-unique childhood artwork or even get rid of your own outdated clothes from 20 lbs ago? Don’t even get me started on why you can’t ditch your bad underwear.

What’s really going on here?

The De-Clutter Challenge

I participated in a “de-clutter challenge” this month. My friend Christine pulled together a Facebook group with about  over 90 well-intentioned women to support and motivate each other online as we de-cluttered some scary areas of our homes. It was actually fun. People posted before and after pictures. Here are my photos. This bookcase was driving me nuts!



There was a list of suggested areas for us to focus on if we needed guidance. I was even asked to speak to the group via Facebook Live to share some insight about our relationships with our stuff. So fascinating, right?

The “stuff” is neutral. It’s all about what we make our stuff mean. And thinking those thoughts is what creates our emotions, our feelings about it. That’s why some people have no problem getting rid of old make-up, unworn clothes with tags and stuffed animals.  But others do. We each make this stuff mean different things and feel differently as a result.

Feelings create our behavior. Everything we do or don’t do is because of how we feel. And this is where we create our own results that prove our thoughts, every dang time.

coach_sternerquote1_pinterestIn the group, many of us talked about getting stuck not knowing what to do with the “stuff” once we decided to get rid of it. Toss? Recycle? Give to someone?

Others struggled with the organizational piece. Wherever the feeling of “stuck” came from, it was because of the thoughts we had. Thoughts create that feeling. Not the stuff.

We all noticed how motivated we became as a result of being in the group. No one felt alone or as overwhelmed because we knew we were doing this together. Most of us didn’t know each other. It didn’t matter.

Personally, I found the thought, “I’m not the only one with clutter” quite comforting and motivating, which helped me take action.

We think that our stuff makes us feel good. Really, it’s our thoughts ABOUT the stuff that makes us feel good. But, many of the women shared that their thoughts actually made them feel bad.




Once we got our heads around what was really going on up there in our beautiful minds, it became a bit easier to decide how we wanted to feel about our stuff, on purpose.

Not on auto-pilot for a change.

Even though you want to be a person with less clutter, you may not do anything about actually making that happen.

You might even find yourself thinking, if I’m so smart and accomplished, why can’t I throw out this crap? Seriously, who needs old mascara, a stretched out bra and Oprah magazines from 3 years ago?

You’re not stupid.

I’m sure you see that you can’t wish for these things like this to just magically happen. Of course, we can fantasize about having a Tabitha Stevens moment and POOF! No more clutter.

Yes, that would be pretty cool, but…it’s not the way the world works. If you want something to change, you have to make the change happen.

We talk about what we want all the time, but it’s often NOT in the form of a resolution. Or even a neutral statement. It’s often in the form of a question that we ask ourselves over and over, many times a day.

It’s not a nice question either…

It’s usually subconscious. We don’t even hear it. But it goes something like this…


  • Why can’t organize my house better?
  • Why can’t I ever find my stuff?
  • Why can’t I get rid of stuff regularly so I piles don’t build up?
  • Why am I so disorganized?
  • and so on.

And then we answer our questions too. With thoughts. My clients have shared these little beauties.

  • I’m disorganized.
  • My house is a mess because I grew up this way.
  • I’m a procrastinator.
  • It’s a bad habit.
  • I hate cleaning up.
  • I don’t know where to donate my things.
  • I suck at organizing.
  • I’m overwhelmed.

So, you might be asking yourself, what gets in the way?

YOUR THOUGHTS. Every time. Simple as that.

YOU get in your own way, without your permission.

When you think thoughts like these little devils, they create feelings that aren’t what I would call motivating. But that’s what happens. These thoughts go on and on and on in your mind. You’ve been thinking these thoughts for DECADES.

These negative thoughts create negative emotion. What I mean is that they create negative feelings that make you act a certain way. Your results will prove your thought.

The problem is that most of us don’t really know what’s going on up there so we just accept these thoughts as truths. We don’t even question them. We talk about them. We share them freely. We think that it’s just the way it is.

It’s pretty simple really. The answer is all about mindfulness and living intentionally. Take a look at what’s happening in your life. If you don’t like what you see, you can trace it back and find the thought that’s creating your result.

Here are 3 surprisingly easy steps to finally take action.

First, become aware of your thinking by asking yourself “why” more often. Notice what’s going on up there. This step is huge. It means pausing in your life. When you do things, ask yourself why. When you feel things, ask yourself why. When you answer your question, you will reveal your thoughts.

Remember, you are not your thoughts. You are the watcher of your thoughts. So when you find yourself noticing a pile of stuff, also notice what you make that mean. When the thought, “I’m so messy” pops into your head, now you know that you have a thought that you’re messy, but you are not your thoughts. You are simply noticing that you’re thinking that thought.

Second, become compassionate and fascinated with yourself. Yes, really. Start to see your thinking this way with the goal being that you’ll become more compassionate towards yourself as you’re sorting all of this out. Being judgmental will not help you in the same way that being non-judgmental will because you can’t be as present.

In other words, become a compassionate and fascinated observer of you. So when you notice that you think “I’m a messy person,” also take the time to notice that thought with a genuine curiosity. Ask yourself why you think that way. Don’t be critical of your thought. Just notice it there. It’s just a sentence in your mind.

Third, notice your feelings. The better you get at your increased awareness, the more you will notice and feel. Then, the trick is to also notice that your feelings are created by your thinking. They go hand-in-hand.

So back to that thought, “I’m a messy person.” When you think this, notice how you feel. You might feel sad, bad, incapable. When you feel that way, notice what you do and what result you create by that thought. Ask yourself, is this the result I want? If not, you have some work to do, and it starts with your thinking!

Want to learn more? Perhaps you’re in a midlife funk and are ready for even more change!

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