The Gentle Art of Distraction in Midlife

I’d like to start thinking about distraction these days in midlife as a fine, gentle art.

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The distraction thing happens all the time.

I have a feeling you can totally relate.

But it’s the way we procrastinate. That’s the thing.

I’m saying “we” because I hear it all the time and I KNOW I’m not alone! In fact, I believe I’m in the BEST company, lol.

Sometimes we’re so creative with not doing what we want to do that it kind of feels like an artform.

Like today…I was crying all morning…

Damn my stupid phone with all of that amazing content with my name on it!


How distraction and scrolling get started

It started out like a pretty normal morning…

Got up, made the coffee, fed Niko the Newf, checked my email…

But before I knew it…

An invisible force took over and I was sucked into a powerful scroll that included “wild animals seeking help from a human” videos AND “Best of American Idol” videos…

I was out of control.

One video was more powerful than the next.

I couldn’t stop.

  • The penguin who needed help from a kayaker…
  • The hummingbird baby that was rescued by a guy who found him on the sidewalk…
  • The wild parrot that wanted to be part of a family and eventually brought his “girlfriend” to meet them…
  • The sweet giant bison at the rescue farm…
  • The Idol contestant who was self taught and now at Berklee School of Music…
  • The 18 year old guy from Hawaii who lost his dad and sang a song that made all of the judges cry…

I was going through tissue like there’s no tomorrow.

I was congested.

My make up was messed up.

And 70 minutes passed by in a blink!

Now…my amazing woman in the middle…I know I’m not alone.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling amazing about my schedule for the day.

I was motivated.

I was ready to roll.

And yet, I lost it.

I got sucked in.

For sure, it can happen to the best of  us.


My midlife message for you today.

It’s about your thoughts.

What do I make this mean?

As you know…thoughts are optional.  And what I see ALL THE TIME in my community and with my community of amazing over-achievers is…

A lack of self compassion.

So, in honor of  midlife women all over the world, I bring you this important reminder.

It’s ok.

You’re human.

And maybe you needed a break.

Maybe you needed the emotional hit that you got from the scroll.

Maybe your schedule wasn’t a good fit for you today.

Maybe you needed a good cry.

It’s ok.

When you’re confused or disappointed about your follow through and commitment to yourself, you have options.

You can be hard on yourself.

You can be motivated to dial in more commitment.

AND…you can be curious about what else you might need right now.

Self-compassion and curiosity are very good things.

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