The Absolute BEST Midlife New Year’s Resolution for 2022

best new year resolutions

Do you know what the absolute BEST Midlife New Year’s Resolution is for 2022?

Updated December 28, 2021

New Year’s Resolutions in midlife can be important but can also freak you out.

That’s why you should consider opting for only ONE midlife New Year’s resolution this year.

It’s easy to get all excited about midlife New Year’s resolutions at this time of year.

You might want to lose weight.

Maybe exercise more.

Perhaps make way more money.

Maybe you just want to have more gratitude in your life in 2022.

But, what can happen to so many well-meaning humans is that it’s too much to focus on.

Way. Too. Much!

And usually before the end of January, good intentions just weren’t enough to carry you forward.

Sound familiar?

Let’s make 2022 different. I mean, it’s all about CLARITY and CLEAR VISION, right?

This year, only focus on ONE important goal. Here’s the absolute BEST New Year’s resolution for 2022.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Simple right? Or is it?

When you use this kind of perspective, it somehow switches things up. Midlife is the PERFECT time for more mindfulness in your life. Especially when it’s so common to think about TIME FLYING and LIFE PASSING YOU BY.

You know that being more intentional is really the way to go.

But, even that kind of intentional energy needs to be a focus.

When you think about being someone or doing something that your FUTURE SELF will thank you for, what comes to mind?

The first thought or image…before you squished the thought down with doubt and negativity?

Be honest with yourself.

Just one thing.


Give yourself some time to think about why you’re so resistant.

Here’s how to help your future self. Ask yourself:

What would my future self say right now to help me “lean in” to this idea, this commitment to change?

What would my future self think 10 years from now, with this result well in place?

I like to actually figure out the specifics when I do this exercise.

For example, if you want to lose weight, really think about the details.

Here’s what that stream of consciousness looks like:

I’m 58 now. So I will be 68 in 10 years.

I would like move my body more and actually like regular exercise.

What would my future self have to say about this?

So…when I’m 68, my future self will be grateful that I prioritized this. She will be compassionate about looking back at all of those times that I wasn’t in the mood, but I figured out a way to move more anyway. I got up early, I put on my exercise clothes, I struggled with that stupid sports bra, I sweated and tried hard even though I wanted to quit.  She would be happy that I have flexibility and am able to do so many active things.  She will remind me that this is why I love travel so much, because there’s so much I can do.

See what I mean?

Really digging in to “the thing” that you want but are hesitant to push forward with is illuminating.

Once you do this thought work, ask yourself more about the resistance. It all looks so good on paper, so what’s the problem?

The definition of “resolution” is a firm decision to do or not do something.

Synonyms are words like:


Strong will.




Just imagine what might happen if you took this resolution to heart.

Call it a “regret-proofing baby step.”

One small step today to live intentionally. One giant step to be happier.

The baby step could be a simple as allowing yourself to THINK ABOUT what you want to create in your life over the next five to 10 years. But you really can kick it up a notch and start digging in to why you’re not doing it.

Most of us don’t even prioritize this sort of thing. This sort of thinking. This sort of mindfulness.

We are habitually on auto-pilot. Living unconsciously from one day to the next.

A baby step could be to decide, on purpose, how you want to feel and learn how to think accordingly.

You could try a new thought on for size.

What if you allow yourself to think about your future self and decide to be OK with wanting what you want?

You could also decide to STOP thinking something like “I’m stuck” or “I’m too busy,” two examples of auto-pilot thinking that are completely indulgent and don’t get you anywhere.

You could adopt the thought that “sometimes it’s good enough … because you’ve prioritized showing up and being real.”

What about this one? You could even embrace the idea that “your past is perfect.” HUGE concept, right?

My favorite thought to think when it comes to being at the beginning of starting something new is that “I’m learning to do this more….”  I love thinking about new things this way. It gets around the harsh perfectionist thinking that leads to quitting. It’s more compassionate and loving. I really respond to this approach with myself.

All of these thoughts are available to you. Nothing in your life needs to change for you to make the decision to change your thinking.

Just imagine how you will feel when you start taking a baby step like one of these. When you feel differently, you act differently. Outcomes will shift. New results will prove your thoughts. We are the ones who create our results. We have a choice to do this intentionally or unintentionally.

It really does start with your thinking.

Need some help? I have a FREE download, just for you! 10 Questions to Reimagine Life after 50 is a great way to play with your thinking and unstick yourself for your future self. She will appreciate this effort for sure!




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