EP #135: Weight Loss & Wake Up Calls in Midlife with Cookie Rosenblum, MA.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Weight Loss & Wake Up Calls in Midlife with Cookie Rosenblum:

  • Why there are common weight loss related myths in midlife.
  • How midlife women can connect more with the practice of mindful eating.
  • Why developing a grown-up definition of what a “food treat” should be is important.
  • Why having a midlife wake-up call can set you on a path to a more balanced lifestyle.
  • How evaluating your life can help you “walk the walk” so that you actually living in alignment with your work and what’s most important to you.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is about weight loss and wake up calls in midlife. My guest today is Weight Loss Coach and Entrepreneur, Cookie Rosenblum, MA. It turns out that she’s the perfect person to talk to about this unique combination of topics today.

For over 25 years, Cookie’s expertise has helped thousands of women change their bodies and their lives from the inside out. She’s a master level life coach, an author and host of a highly  acclaimed podcast on itunes. She shares some amazingly helpful weight loss perspective and tips for women in the middle.

Cookie’s also a hard working entrepreneur who had a cancer-related wake-up call that changed her life. After her health scares, she realized that the way she had been working for years was no longer aligned with the lifestyle she knew she needed to create for herself. She was working long days with crazy hours and wasn’t practicing self-care. She knew she had to make a change.

Cookie evaluated her life in a serious way. She knew she couldn’t over work again. She needed to make a choice and follow through in a big way. Cookie knew that self-care needed to become a priority in a way that it never had before and she has figured out how to follow through on this important personal goal.

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Featured on the Show:

Connect with Cookie Rosenblum, MA

Women in the Middle Podcast Episode: When you get a Midlife Wake Up Call https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-42-when-you-get-a-midlife-wake-up-call/

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