EP #96: 6 Confusion Hacks for Important Midlife Decisions

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Confusion Hacks for Midlife Decisions:

  • Why it’s common to be confused about midlife decisions.
  • Why being confused may actually be serving you in midlife.
  • How to get more perspective on the confusing situation at hand.
  • Why it’s important to make a decision instead of indulge in confusion.
  • How to use the “FLOWER POWER CONFUSION HACKS” to help with confusion.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today we’re talking about 6 confusion hacks for important midlife decisions. Basically, it’s about how to stop being confused in midlife. Sometimes you stay stuck spinning around being confused, without making a decision, for quite some time. It’s not fun. It isn’t pretty. And you can do something about it.

So many midlife women end up confused because this age and stage of life is full of transitions, potential for big change and actual changes. Making a change doesn’t come easily for many. The thing is, it often feels like being confused is out of your control, when in fact, it’s more in your control than you might imagine.

Discover new perspective about confusion in your life. “Flower Power” is a fun way to remember how to help yourself when you feel confused about making a big decision. Practice playing with six really useful strategies, or “confusion hacks,” to help you move forward!

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