EP #97: Setting the Stage for Midlife Weight Loss

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Setting the Stage for Midlife Weight Loss:

  • Why mindfulness is critical to weight loss in midlife.
  • Why being oblivious to your thoughts may sabotage your diet.
  • How to get more perspective on what you think about your ability to lose weight.
  • Why it’s important to notice what you resist doing when you know it will help you lose weight.
  • How understanding that your feelings come from your thoughts can give you your power back.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today we’re talking about how to set the stage for weight loss in midlife. By the time you’re an amazing older and wiser woman, you’ve probably tried more than a diet or two over the years. If you’re thinking about wanting to lose weight now, chances are you have yet to be successful and still don’t weigh your ideal weight.

This is a common problem because most of the time, improving your mindset around losing weight isn’t considered the way it should be. The thing is that what you think about your ability to lose weight will create a certain feeling, even if you’re not completely aware of what you’re thinking.

Your feelings will drive what you do. So if you think that diets don’t work for you, or that it’s too hard for you to lose weight, you will actually create that result for yourself.

What you think is important. Your current weight is directly related to what you’ve been thinking. It may not seem that you have an active mental role in your weight, but you do. It’s amazing to also know that thoughts are optional; you can become better at supervising your brain so that you think more intentionally about what you want for yourself and your ability to lose weight, even at your age.

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