EP #139: 5 Ways to Use Envy for Good in Midlife

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Use Envy for Good in Midlife:midlife envy get unstuck

  • Why the feeling of envy can be used for good in midlife.
  • Why envy is an important emotion to be aware of in midlife.
  • Why the emotion of envy can surprise you.
  • How you can use envy to help discover what you really want.
  • Why ignoring what you want can lead to regrets.
  • Five simple ways to use envy for positive change in midlife.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode will help you understand how to use envy for positive change in your life. Envy is one of those common negative emotions that can make you uncomfortable. But, when you understand what envy is helping you see about yourself, you can use envy for good, especially in midlife.

It’s important to understand that envy isn’t the same as jealousy. It’s simply feeling discontented or having a resentful longing that’s aroused by what someone else has or is doing. It’s noticing that you want what someone else has.

Noticing when you feel envy can be super useful in your life because it can shine a big flashlight of awareness onto something about yourself that you may not have been focusing on. This is important because in midlife, you probably have a keen awareness that life is short and you don’t want to waste time. In fact, you probably want to be more intentional overall, and act on insight about what’s really important to you so your life goals are in alignment with your personal priorities.

Envy can be your friend and be used for good. Learn five ways that you can embrace envy in your life to help you make positive changes.

Please enjoy this episode!

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