EP #138: Following your Passion to Create, Recycle & Educate with Joanne Jones

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Following your Passion to Create, Recycle & Educate:

  • How to follow your passion to create, recycle & educate.
  • How it’s almost impossible to ignore your passion.
  • Why it’s important to embrace discomfort when your doing something new.
  • Why you should focus on finding your “why,” your bigger goal.
  • Why you may have to listen hard to hear your own voice.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is all about the road to following your passion to create, recycle and educate. Specifically, my guest today is Joanne Jones, Textile Artist, Designer and owner of Mined reCreations in Ontario.

Mined reCreations is where fashion is meaningful and style has a cause. Joanne makes one-of-a-kind handbags and satchels made from recycled clothing. As if this wasn’t cool enough, Joanne’s story gets even better.

Joanne saw a chance to blend her passion for design and drive to save the environment, with her desire to create opportunity for the economically challenged young people of the world. By giving new life to old fabrics and accessories in handbags, memory pieces, mittens, and hat designs, and by contributing a portion of the proceeds of sales to scholarships for these engaged and already successful students, mined reCREATIONS provides the funds for them to attend post-secondary education and experience the doors which it can open.

Joanne also tells her personal story of hitting an early midlife funk and the transition of her career from a very traditional path to an entrepreneurial one. She was compelled to find her WHY and live in alignment with her passion.

There’s tons of insight and inspiration in today’s interview. You won’t want to miss it!

Please enjoy this episode!

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Connect with Joanne Jones: Mined reCreations: https://minedrecreations.com

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