EP #137: 6 Steps to Make your Midlife Plans More Fun

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about how to make Midlife Plans more Fun:

  • Why it’s common to just plan for adequacy when you try to make midlife plans more fun.
  • How being untethered at this age and stage of life can be advantageous when you make midlife plans.
  • Why you should consider amplifying your plans and making them more fun as much as possible.
  • Six simple steps to make your midlife plans more fun.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Knowing how you can make midlife plans more fun, and planning in general more fun, can bring a lot more joy and pleasure into your life. Today’s show is all about why you should consider doing this on a regular basis.

In midlife, it’s common to feel like you’ve been spit out at the other end of a chaotic swirling vortex, only to find yourself older and more confused. There are many reasons for this and most of them have to do with the transition into a new and very different stage of life.

Being untethered is one of the ways that this phase tends to be different. However, this change, while eventually welcomed, is a bit weird and unfamiliar at first. As a result of this, it’s common to forget how to dream and really live intentionally. In order to turn the page on a new chapter, planning is necessary. But planning takes creativity and time.

So often, we just lower the bar on what’s possible so that we can tick things off the list and get things done. Join us as we explore the magic of amplifying your midlife plans so that you bring more joy into your life than ever before!

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Featured on the Show:

Women in the Middle Podcast Episode: Why you Should Celebrate Traditions in Midlife with Bob Schneeweiss https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-78-why-you-should-celebrate-traditions-in-midlife-with-bob-schneeweiss/

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