EP #120: Angry in Midlife: How Writing Changed My Life with Valerie Runyan

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Being Angry in Midlife:

  • Why it’s so common  to be angry in midlife and how writing can change your life.
  • Why it’s also common for a midlife funk to drag on for several years, especially  when anger is involved.
  • Why turning 50 can spark a big life change.
  • How decisions can seem so difficult, but can quickly become clear.
  • How focusing on writing after leaving her husband was the first of many changes.
  • How connecting again with a life long passion helped Valerie overcome her rage and pain.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Being angry in midlife can feel overwhelming and confusing. It can seem like there’s no way out, and if you’re not careful, you can set yourself up for regrets.

Today you’re going to meet Valerie Runyan.  Valerie’s a writer and photographer who struggled with a lot of physical pain over the years. Her job didn’t help. She was definitely in a midlife funk. As she describes, she went from being enraged with her husband, her job, her house and her city to actually loving her life.

How she got there is what’s so interesting for other women in the middle to hear.

When you’re stuck in a funk, like Valerie was, it can be hard to see your way out of it with clarity. It can seem so confusing and heavy. And, you tend to want all of the answers. The exact road map forward. The problem is that life’s not usually like that however.

And sometimes…there’s a wake up call or a shift where clarity seems to come out of no where and you know what to do.

Valerie had an experience that kick started her path to connecting with her lifelong passion in a really serious way and ultimately changed her life.

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Ep 2: The Model: Your Mindfulness Framework https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/the-model/

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