EP #69: Be a Mentor, Have a Mentor & Change Your Life, Interview with Tyson Sharpe

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Being a Mentor and Having a Mentor with Tyson Sharpe:

  • Why it’s so fulfilling to be a mentor in midlife.
  • How having a mentor can help with an early “midlife funk,” in your 20s. which can be similar to a midlife transition.
  • Why it’s important to ask yourself if you’re really taking the consistent action needed to make a serious change.
  • How you can feel stagnant and hopeless when you’re stuck in a transition and not growing at all.
  • How focusing on giving instead of scarcity and fear helps you grow your business.
  • How mindset shifts are the key to helping you move forward.
  • How taking longer to make a decision can actually make it harder.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Having a mentor can totally change your life. And, there are many similarities between being in transition after college and in in midlife. This week’s episode features another interview in the Midlife Mentorship Mini-Series, but this week you meet an amazing younger-than-normal guest who shares some insight with you about transitions.

In fact, we’re switching things up a bit. My guest is not a Women in the Middle.

In fact, he’s not a woman. And he’s not in the middle. He’s a 28 year old guy who I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring this past year.

My guest this week is Tyson Sharpe. It’s been so incredibly fulfilling for me to coach Tyson as he was at the brink of making some really significant changes to grow his coaching business. I’m a firm believer in the importance of not only HAVING a mentor in midlife, but also BEING a mentor in midlife. What an opportunity it is to give back to someone who is ready to learn.

Tyson was frustrated with his progress because as hard as he worked, he realized he wasn’t getting the results he wanted to see in his business. Like so many midlife women, he felt stuck. He was passionate and trying all kinds of strategies. He wasn’t procrastinating, but there was clearly an issue. He was pretty sure the problem had to be something to do with his internal thought patterns, so he reached out for help.

Transitions like this can be difficult. His personal story of going from being poor travelling student, to feeling stuck, to finally creating a business is pretty similar to the common midlife transition stories of so many women in the middle. A life transition is a big change; change often means a big decision; big decisions can be difficult to make and can keep you stuck.

Tyson eventually learned how to invest in himself and make big, bold decisions. He used courage, insight and creativity now like there’s no tomorrow. Ultimately, how he learned to view himself is what led to his business success and mindset shifts. Stepping into his own expertise took time but it was worth it!

Enjoy the interview!

Featured on the Show:

The Life Coach School:  www.thelifecoachschool.com

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