EP #122: From Soldier to Strategist for Women Entrepreneurs with Kalvina Shelton

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Going From Soldier to Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs:

  • What strategies are for women entrepreneurs.
  • What it’s like to be a long term women entrepreneur.
  • What it feels like to experience a midlife funk in your 30s.
  • Why it’s important to trust yourself when you’re feeling off about your career.
  • How going into the military led to a career about leadership.
  • How a wake up call may not always look like a wake up call.
  • How autopilot thinking can prevent you from living your dream.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Strategies for women entrepreneurs are important. A midlife funk might find you ahead of schedule. Being in the military can have an interesting effect on your life. My guest today explains how her military experience and her midlife funk led her to create a fulfilling career that incorporates all of her gifts and interests.

Kalvina ‘Kali’ Shelton is a Business Strategist & Launch Coach partnering with multi-passionate, service-based women entrepreneurs that are transitioning from corporate back into full-time Bawse CEOs.

Kalvina went from soldier to engineer to project manager to business strategist for service-based women entrepreneurs.

She noticed that leadership was a common theme throughout her different careers.  To be more exact, she became conscious of empowering leadership.  What this means is that her intent is to build other leaders. That’s her jam.  She helps women make the transition from corporate burnout to more aligned and profitable businesses.

As Kali puts it, the integration of the spiritual and practical is the foundation of her work. Her goal is to help women navigate the online space by planning strategically, launching sanely, and leading consciously — all while walking more fully in their authority and Divine power. This mission perpetuates a new paradigm where women live and leave a legacy of boundless abundance.

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Catching Autopilot Thinking in Midlifehttps://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/ep-118-catching-autopilot-thinking-in-midlife/

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