EP #116: 49 and Fabulous with Wiona Porath

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it’s important to celebrate turning 49 years old.
  • How the range of emotions around this milestone birthday can be surprising.
  • How your friends’ 50th birthday celebrations can help you figure out how you WANT to feel on yours.
  • How “empty nest” doesn’t have to be doom and gloom at all.
  • How this phase of life can make it easier to put yourself first.
  • Why it’s important to grow professionally AND personally.
  • Why making the decision not to stay stuck in a midlife funk” can change everything.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today we’re taking a look at how you can celebrate turning 49 as a beautiful way to prepare and set the stage for celebrating your 50th birthday.

My guest today is Wiona Porath, an amazing woman in the middle who is turning 50 in the near future. Wiona is rocking her 49th year ON PURPOSE.

Wiona’s friend told her about her personal experience when she turned 49;  that is, her friend decided to take back her life.  This idea inspired Wiona.  She decided to focus on the mantra “49 and fabulous.”

She decided to capitalize on the opportunity to reinvent herself by doing some significant planning.

Wiona is celebrating this phase of her life by setting a specific goal for each month as she ramps up to turning 50. She’s doing all kinds of fun things, everything from visiting places she hasn’t seen before, going to concerts from her youth and trying something out of her comfort zone. Such a great idea.

Wiona lives in Maryland. When not rocking her birthdays, she’s a professional Academic Advisor. She’s active in the Global Community for Advising and has presented a wide variety of regional and state conferences many times.

I love that Wiona’s professional background seems to have influenced her exceptional ability to plan what she wanted for her milestone birthdays. I know you’re going to love hearing more about how you can continue to grow, learn, and experience new things even at your age. Wiona figured out how to celebrate this time of her life like a rock star. I can’t wait for you to meet this very special and creative woman in the middle.

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