EP #117: How Astrology can Help You & your Brand in Midlife with Leslie Tagorda

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why your personal brand is important in midlife.
  • Why it’s important to decide how you want to be seen in midlife.
  • Why astrology can being particularly relevant in midlife.
  • How your astrological natal chart can provide important insight.
  • How the combination of astrology, business branding and personal branding can help you become more visible.
  • Why “Saturn Return” may be related to your midlife funk.
  • How to get more insights from astrology to help you become the woman you want to be.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today is about how you can use astrology to gain important insights that could help you and your brand in midlife.

My guest today is Leslie Tagorda, who calls herself a “brand navigator.” She guides brands and people from unknown to unmatched by illuminating their star-charted treasure maps (astrological natal charts).

She has helped hundreds of women owned businesses, non-profits and start ups with their branding and marketing where she saw the same patterns of hiding and staying small at the expense of undervaluing their contributions and remaining stuck in the same rut.

Leslie was by looking at these patterns that created her signature AstroBrand™ framework of branding that positions a brand to stand out from the crowd using practical business strategies and astrological insights to energetically align to one’s unique True North that frees a person/brand to believe, embrace and become the visionary they are called to be.

Leslie gets it. She was stuck for over 15 years in her business. She was surviving but not thriving; that is, playing small, staying behind the scenes and not sharing her expertise with others.

Now, she’s much more in alignment. Her branding, visual identity and web design studio specializes in finding and creating the brand that was written in the stars for you, using your unique astrological birth chart as a guide.

Even if you think astrology is a bit too woo for you, I think you’ll get something from this really interesting interview.  There has never been a better time to brand who you are. The world needs your voice. And astrology just may be the thing that gives you the perspective and insight you’ve been missing.

Enjoy the interview!

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