EP #136: Mahjong as a Mother & Daughter Tradition with Cheryl Zeldin & Ruth Zimelman

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Mahjong in Midlife as a Family Tradition:Mahjong Midlife Women

  • How games like Mahjong can be an important family tradition.
  • How the game of Mahjong can be a beautiful way to spend valuable time with your mom.
  • How older women are teaching their younger 50 year old daughters to play and have fun together.
  • Why Mahjong can be an amazing way to connect more in your community.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is all about the game of Mahjong as a Mother and Daughter Tradition. My guests today are a mother daughter team who love the game of Mahj. The thing is that Mahjong turns out to be an amazing way to meet new people, spend time with your family and create an important family tradition.

In midlife, traditions can become increasingly important. But with more and more social media and digital technology, “connecting” is becoming more of a challenge. Prioritizing playing a game – a real game with real people together – doesn’t happen in all families. You have to work with other people to MAKE it happen. This is very different than how you play a digital game, which is often by yourself.

My guests today are Cheryl Zeldin and her 90 year old mom, Ruth Zimelman. Ruth has been playing Mahjong for about 60 years. Cheryl didn’t have much interest until recently, when Ruth relocated to Cheryl’s hometown. Cheryl noticed how the Mahj helped Ruth settle in and connect to her new community when she moved, at 86 yrs. She saw that her mom made friends so easily and Cheryl was amazed.

Cheryl became more interested and Ruth taught her the game. Now, they’re having a blast together. The game has become an important part of the fabric of their lives together and has brought an unexpected level of joy and connection! Who knew that a game could be such a valuable tool to connect in midlife!

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