Midlife, Mindfulness & Being the Queen of your Brain Domain

Midlife can be a coming of age for many, and it’s often like that with mindfulness. Midlife, Mindfulness, Queen of your Brain Domain

Being in midlife can help you finally feel like a grown-up, at least a little bit.

I think of middle age as the perfect opportunity to become the “Queen of your Brain Domain™” and live your best life. It goes hand in hand.

If you’re a listener of the Women in the Middle Podcast, you might just recognize this phrase. It’s something I say at the end of every podcast episode. And it occurred to me that I should probably take some time and blog about what I really mean about midlife and mindfulness when I say that.

I really don’t even know why I started to think about our brains this way.

I think it might have started out a few years ago when I turned 50 and felt compelled to wear a tiara on my birthday (which, by the way, is highly recommended and now I wear one every year on my birthday and think you should too).

I remember being really self conscious of wanting more sparkle in my life.

But I totally don’t care any more. I love sparkle. And I don’t really care what all of the male energy in my household has to say about it either, lol.

It might be a little “extra” but that’s ok.

The tiara kind of opened the door to the “being a queen” in midlife idea for me.


Imagine your next chapter

Let’s look at the important words in this phrase, “Queen of your Brain Domain™.”

After the words “midlife” and “mindfulness,” it’s really about these three words “Queen,” “Brain” and “Domain.”

When you’re the “Queen of your Brain Domain™,” you’re the interested in becoming in charge, and because you’re a woman, being a “Queen” makes sense to me.

What I mean here is that you’re becoming the ruler of your thinking; you learn to take control of your thinking.

You learn to think on purpose.

You see that you CAN live your best life.

And as a woman in the middle, I think about this as becoming expert at doing MIDLIFE ON PURPOSE as a result. 

And I must say, as a midlife woman, I love the idea of learning to think on purpose while wearing a tiara.  It’s just more fun and it serves as a gentle reminder of who is harnessing sparkle power in your family and in your life!

So think about it.

Do you feel in control of your thinking?

Do you feel that you’re managing your emotions?

Do you have confidence that you’re thinking with intention?

Or does everything still seem like a bit of a confusing crap shoot? What I mean is, do you look at life as a risky or as an uncertain matter?

Now, when I talk about uncertainty, I’m not talking about things like the pandemic or the stock market.

I’m talking about your personal results in life.

This is an important distinction.

What you want.

How you show up.

What you create.

So think about this in terms of these kinds of things:

  • Your morning routines
  • Exercise like you plan to exercise
  • Set goals and accomplish them
  • Eat what you say you’re going to eat
  • Have the kind of job that you want
  • Show up in relationships the way you want

Imagine you dream and life midlife on purpose

Here’s how to know if you’re currently showing up as someone who is doing midlife ON PURPOSE:

Look around at your life.

What you see is based on what you think.

So if you’re overweight, it’s because of what you’re thinking.

If you’re not doing the morning routine that you really want to do, it’s because of your thinking.

If you never put yourself first, it’s because of your thinking.

If you’re wearing underwear that has holes in them, it’s because of your thinking.

If you want more friends and don’t have them, it’s because of your thinking.

If you want to reach out more to your parents and don’t , it’s because of your thinking.

See what I mean?

When you’re the Queen of your Brain Domain™, three main things happen.

  1. At a deep level, you understand that you aren’t your thoughts.
  2. You take full responsibility for your emotional well being.
  3. You take full responsibility for your personal outcomes in life

It’s not that simple to understand that you aren’t your thoughts, take full responsibility for your feelings and outcomes in your life.

If it was simple, we’d all be doing it already.

It’s possible though for sure.

It’s a skill you can learn.

And you can continue to get better at it over time.

The most important thing is that you start and that you’re committed to becoming awesome at this.

I mean really, who doesn’t want to be a queen of something, right?

Why not your brain domain?

Here’s the bottom line with what being the queen of your brain domain is all about. You’re in charge.

You’re not hoping for a crown.

You’re not dependent on anyone else to give you a crown.

You’re buying the crown, wearing the crown and confidently enjoying your ability to reign as the CEO of the most valuable real estate you have – your brain domain.

That’s what I’m talking about with this whole “queen of your brain domain” thing. 

I think it’s totally fun to think about the serious work of living your life on purpose with the sparkly goodness of a queen in a crown…or a tiara.

That’s why I think it’s the best way to be.

You get all of the responsibility to create what you want.

  • More love
  • More peace
  • More happiness
  • More fulfillment
  • More gratitude

Basically, you have more power than you think to create what you want. Whatever you like actually.

It’ all starts with your thinking. And you’re the boss of that.

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