How to Put FIRE into your MIDLIFE FUN this Summer!

Is your Midlife FUN on FIRE?Put Fire in your Midlife Fun

My guess is that it’s not. And you’re not alone!

Sometimes, you have to be intentional about living in a way that puts fun into midlife at the best of times.

FUN has taken a hit this summer big time. So many are feeling stuck.

There are a lot of challenges.

We used to know how to have fun. We used to plan certain guaranteed “fun” things and loved doing them!

But with “all things Coronavirus” it’s a whole different ball game out there.

Fun got cancelled for many.

You probably feel it.

Your calendar is probably emptier than normal.


What’s next, my friend?

Are you going to leave fun out of your summer?

Out of your life?

Out of your vocabulary?

Are you going to just “be ok” with not having as much fun as you used to?

Have you already accepted that this is the way you’re going to roll?

If so, ask yourself “why?”

I caught myself slipping into this “lack of fun” slide into boring.

And thank goodness I noticed!

Because as soon as I noticed it, I got to work.

I started to think about what I could AMPLIFY my fun factor, even with the Covid weirdness!

I started with ice cream.

Why just have delicious but boring ice cream in the freezer, I asked myself?

How can I make it more fun?


Chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch syrup!

Then I started to think about creating a signature family weekend cocktail.

What came next? A fun conversation with the family about the name, the ingredients, the glasses and more!

Feel stuck? Get unstuck with these secrets

These are just two fun examples, but they should start your creative juices flowing!

  • Yes, your vacation may have been cancelled.
  • Yes, your backyard BBQ’s might be off.
  • Yes, things in the world are upside down. 


FUN starts in your mind.

You can create more fun.

You can think about feeling more fun.

You can do more fun things.

You can prioritize fun.

Are you up for the challenge?

Make a commitment to yourself about what you’re going to do to raise the bar on fun in your life!

Let’s do this my friend! I’m with you. Get ready, get set, and put FIRE in your FUN!

Ready to unstick the way you’ve been thinking about things too? That’s a GREAT idea. Get unstuck now with this free guide!



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