Three amazing reasons to ditch your bad underwear in midlife

Three Amazing Reasons to Ditch your Bad Underwear in Midlife

Ladies, what’s going on with ugly underwear and the whole midlife thing?

I remember having nice underwear, back in the day.

It was never that fancy. And I never had a lot of it. But I remember having some particularly nice underwear, and a lot of pairs that were comfortable, but nothing special.

Function over form.


The balance in my underwear drawer has changed.


When I say “bad,” I don’t just mean ugly.

I don’t even mean panty lines.

I mean worn-out.



Underwear that’s no longer doing its job at a high performance level.

Quite frankly, these pooped out panties suck. Yet somehow, they remain in my drawer.

Gentle reader, please be advised that “pooped out panties” are NOT the same as “pooped in panties.”

I’m definitely talking about the former, not the latter.

But now that I’m thinking about it, “pooped in panties” have a leg up; they are SO MUCH EASIER to throw away!

I remember when it was easy to throw the bad ones out.

I remember the first time my then very young son pooped in his underpants while we were out and about playing mini golf. It was so easy to make a quick decision to throw them out! Believe it or not, my husband tried to rescue them out of the garbage and we had a loud “discussion” about how ridiculous he was being…

But I digress.

I remember something my wise friend Carolyn used to say about underwear. Her rule was that when you buy a new pair, you have to throw out an old pair.

You must.

It’s her “Law of Underwear.”

I’ve been breaking this law.  I’m not sure why because I think it’s a great practice!

What about you? Is your drawer stuffed with less than satisfactory undies?

What’s going on here? Why do we hang on to underwear when it no longer serves us?

coach_blog_undies_picIt that we just don’t care anymore?

Is it that we’re just too cheap?

Is it that we’re just too busy?

Is it that we don’t feel we need to impress anyone?

I’ve been giving this whole thing some serious thought.

I would like to suggest that keeping bad underwear around is very much like keeping other things around that don’t serve us in any way shape or form, like THOUGHTS.

Think about what happens when you open your drawer and pull out a pair of the bad ones. You see the underwear in your hand. You know they aren’t a great pair. No control. Saggy.

Does this pair of underwear help your clothes look good?

I doubt it.

How do you feel? Does putting this pair of underwear on make you feel good, proud, confident or strong?  Interesting, right? I’m sure the answer is “no.”

Yet, there they sit. Elastic waist shot, threads and lycra popping out all over the place.

It’s just not logical. Why would you knowingly keep this bad underwear around when it doesn’t look good or make you feel good?

The reason is that your thoughts create feelings…even about your underwear.

Here’s the bottom line: The bad underwear doesn’t feel good. And YOU don’t feel good when you wear the bad underwear.

I noticed that I have some thoughts about what it means to have bad underwear…and also some thoughts about having really nice underwear. They all relate to the idea that nice underwear is an indulgence. And that’s it’s not good to indulge myself with such things. That nice underwear isn’t a worthy priority.


That I’m not a worthy priority.


That feels worse than my bad underwear.

Get unstuck midlife

Here are three amazing reasons to ditch your bad underwear.

  1. It feels bad INSIDE. Wearing bad underwear is a sign that you’re probably thinking something that isn’t serving you. Something negative about yourself. Thoughts create feelings. When you think thoughts like this, your feelings won’t serve you either.
  2. It feels bad OUTSIDE. When you’re underwear sucks, it’s a distraction all day. You’re keenly aware that you’re wearing it. You feel it. And doesn’t help you look your best. Why choose this?
  3. It’s a reminder that you care about yourself. When you put on nice underwear, it acts as a physical reminder to you that you’re worth it. You can practice thinking this fabulous new thought every day, first thing in the morning, while you’re naked reaching into that underwear drawer.

So ladies, are you with me?

Out with the saggy, pathetic panties and in with the new, fabulous underthings.

I’m not even talking about lingerie. I just want a drawer full of nice drawers.

I deserve it! And so do you!

A challenge for you!

How many pairs of bad underwear can we collectively throw out? Would love to hear about your progress! Midlife is all about opportunity. I love the idea of regret-proofing from the inside and out. Let’s do this!

Want to discover a bit more about why you do the things you do?

Take a sec, get on my list and get your FREE worksheet called 10 surprisingly simple things to do to bust out of your midlife funk! Easy peasy!

P.S. I figured that since most of the folks reading this blog are “midlife gals,” I didn’t have to explain the Dr. Demento reference with my little attempt at a song parody. Hope you smiled!


suzy rosenstein midlife coachSuzy Rosenstein, MA is a master certified life coach and host of the popular podcast for midlife women, Women in the Middle, with over 1 million downloads. Having wasted five years being stuck herself, she knows how frustrating and painful it can be.  She uses her upbeat approach with the serious topic of aging to help you get clear about what you want, get unstuck and live your best life. Girlfriend, there’s more fun to be had! Start now with her free online midlife training about how to get unstuck:


Updated: September 20, 2022




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