The Secret to Midlife Balance in Midlife, Ep 102

What You’ll Learn from this Episode About the Secret to Midlife Balance in Midlife:

  • Why knowing the secret to midlife balance in midlife is important
  • How to identify what’s missing when work/life balance is off.
  • Why midlife is a common time for the equilibrium of your life to be frustrating.
  • How to find your purpose and why it matters.
  • Why pleasure is more critical to your life than you think.
  • How prioritizing play can change the way you thrive in midlife.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

When you don’t have the secret to work/life balance in midlife, you can really feel that something’s wrong. Episode 102 of the Women in the Middle Podcast explores the secret to midlife balance, why it’s elusive, the secret to finding it and how it can improve your life.

There are several reasons why it’s common for work/life balance to be “off” for women, especially in midlife. As much as your life and/or career can feel stagnant at this time of your life, there can also be a lot of unpredictability, change and transition that can throw a wrench into things, as you knew them.

It’s also super common to struggle with figuring out what’s missing when you’re frustrated and stressed by the balance in your life being off like this. Tune in to discover how the secret ingredients necessary to improve your life might be right under your nose, but overlooked.

This episode explores the secret “3 P’s” to finding midlife balance. Specifically, learn how to find your purpose, invite more pleasure into your life and find more ways to play and how all three are essential to restoring or perhaps even creating the balance you’re craving in life, finally!

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