EP #47: Are you playing small?

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What it’s like when you just don’t show up like you know you can.
  • Why it’s common to play small and stay small in midlife.
  • Why you might choose to stay small.
  • Why you might act this way out of fear.
  • How what you might be worried about is being rejected.
  • Why it’s important to feel your feelings, even fear.
  • Why creating growth opportunities for yourself is important.
  • How playing small doesn’t serve anyone.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week’s episode is about staying and playing small. It’s when you make a decision not to show up the way you know you could. We’re also talking about why you might be making this decision and what baby steps you can take to stop playing so small so that you can finally step into your zone of genius and shine.

There are several reasons why women in the middle decide to play small. It’s usually has something to do with fear or resistance. You might have a fear of failing or of rejection. Whatever it is, it ends up being a decision to avoid growth by not dealing with scary emotions. We explore what it means to build courage by allowing the fear and doing the scary things anyway. Staying small doesn’t serve anyone. Don’t miss this episode!

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