EP #88: How to Find your Midlife Fashion

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about How to Find your Midlife Fashion:

  • Why midlife fashion can be relevant to you.
  • How you don’t need to be fancy or spend a lot of money to care about fashion in midlife.
  • How being aware of your thinking can help you gain perspective about what your style means to you.
  • How your thoughts about style and how you look can bring you down emotionally.
  • How you can take simple steps to get help figuring out your style.
  • Why caring about fashion doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • How fashion is like anything else in midlife when it comes to being intentional to get to your goal.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Your personal style can be easily overlooked in midlife. Fashion isn’t something that everyone values or prioritizes. But, being intentional about how you look and dress can be more meaningful than you think.

As a women in the middle, you know first hand how quickly time flies.  Before you know it, a couple of decades have gone by but you might still be wearing the same clothes. Your priorities don’t always include staying current with the latest fashion trends.

Today we’re talking about how to plug IN to thinking about how you want to look and what you want to wear ON PURPOSE and how this is typically just another area in your life where you’ve been functioning on autopilot. You haven’t made it a priority.

As with everything, you’re a grown woman and you can wear what you want. But you have to like your reasons. Are you wearing those jeans because you don’t know where to buy jeans anymore? Are you wearing that athletic wear to yoga class because you want to or because you think you’re too busy to go out and buy what you really want?

The “Thought Model” helps you understand how thoughts are subjective and are about neutral facts in your life. Being aware of your thoughts is super important because your thinking creates your feelings. If the way you dress gets you thinking thoughts that make you feel sad or frumpy, you may want to change your thoughts. You may also decide that you want to be way more intentional about your style or at least certain parts of your wardrobe. Suggestions of how to take baby steps to get started are also discussed.

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