EP #81: Understanding How to Commit to Change in Midlife

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Why wanting to change isn’t enough to actually make a change.
  • How your personal results are caused by your thinking.
  • Why it’s important to notice what you’re thinking.
  • Why you can’t create change on purpose when you don’t think on purpose.
  • How what you’re actually thinking can be challenging to find out.
  • How 80% commitment is totally different from 100% commitment.
  • How to notice what it feels like to be “all in.”

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week is all about what it’s like to think you’re committed to making a change, but then understanding that you’re really not. It’s about learning to tell the subtle difference in feeling 80% committed and 100% committed and why this is important when it comes to following through on your goals.

The reason it’s so important is because so many of you think that you’re committed enough to create the results you’re dreaming about making. But then, when you don’t have these results, you’re at a loss. It’s so easy to think you have less control than you actually do.

The Life Coach School’s “Thought Model” is a simple but effective tool to help you actually get perspective on your thinking. It helps you understand how your thoughts, feelings and actions are related and how this can help you accomplish your goals by managing your mind.

The bottom line is that you can feel stuck even though you KNOW what you want to do. The reason is always because of your thinking. This is why it’s so important to understand how to figure out what’s going on up there. Unsupervised thinking can get in the way!

Strategies to identify what full commitment feels like are discussed. Strategies are also presented to think about why you might be resisting this level of commitment. Afterall, it’s your personal goals and dream life we’re talking about! When you practice increasing this awareness and supervising your mind more intentionally, it’s easy to see how you’re just one thought away from creating the life you want, on purpose!

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Women in the Middle, Ep #2: The Model – Your Mindfulness Framework: https://suzyrosenstein.com/podcast/the-model/

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