50 Unplugged Mastermind

*What if I told you there was a new way to age?* 

I work with amazing midlife women like you.

The only problem is you’re in a midlife funk and watching your own life pass you by. You can't imagine getting older as a good thing. You go through the motions day after day and nothing changes. It's all so frustrating.

Now that you’re in your 50s you know deep down that there’s more out there for you, but you just don’t know how to find the meaning you’re looking for. You feel like you’ve lost control of your life.

You wish you could just figure out what you want so you could turn the page onto the next chapter already.

You might even find yourself thinking about how you get excited about your life again, with no answers coming your way. 

Do you:

  • feel like you're going through your life on auto-pilot?
  • hate feeling stagnant, like you're not learning or growing anymore?
  • feel tired of being confused about what you want?
  • know in your heart of hearts you're wasting valuable time?
  • wonder why you just can't seem to figure out what you want or how to get there?
  • keep thinking that you're not living up to your potential?

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Imagine if you really believed that your BEST LIFE CHAPTER was ahead of you instead of behind you?

Think about it. This isn't what you believe now. You probably think the best already happened. Instead, think about what it would be like to know that you were on the verge of creating the absolute BEST CHAPTER of your life and all you had to do was grab your reading glasses and get out of your own way? 

The good news is that you’re ready to get going again. You sense it.

  • You WANT to be excited about your life again.
  • You WANT to figure out exactly how you want to spend your time on this planet.
  • You WANT to focus on your future.
  • You WANT to finally give back to yourself so you don’t have regrets.

So, I’m not going to waste your time going on and on about “rainbows and daisies”. I’m not going to sell you on how easy this is or that you just wiggle your nose and POOF, you’ll become a more fulfilled, happy camper overnight.

That’s not how it works.


Suzy Rosenstein is a Master Certified Life & Weight Coach

What is 50 UNPLUGGED?

A life-changing and totally fun nine month coaching experience for women who are turning 50 or in their 50s and are committed to getting excited about their lives again.

Yes...you read that correctly!

Over-the-moon excited, even at your age.

In 50 Unplugged!, you will become more than just another frustrated midlife woman who feels stuck and wonders if there’s more for her as she watches her life pass her by, at record speed.

You will become an unstoppable woman who knows exactly what she wants to do with her valuable time on this planet, believes she can do it and does it.

You will become a woman who has done the "work" from the inside out and knows how to regret-proof her life, bust out of her midlife funk, figure out what she wants and create a life that makes her giddy with excitement about what’s possible.

The 50 UNPLUGGED formula is simple!
BECOMING  ✳  BOLD  ✳  BRAVE.​​​​​​​

Becoming the confident woman you want to be is necessary to carry your amazing self into your future; it’s time to literally “unplug” you from stereotypes, old beliefs and stigma about your age and what’s possible and define what you want for yourself.

Being bold with your commitment to having purpose in your career and however you’re contributing professionally is critical to happiness and fulfillment; it's fundamental to move you from stagnant and stuck to inspired and excited so that you can be the best version of yourself, give back the way you want to and love your life.

Being brave enough to foster strong connections with other women your age, people in your life and your community is essential when you’re on the road to creating a richer, happier, more fulfilling life. It’s time to have relationships more intentionally..

All of the coaching, materials and training are designed around these three elements, BECOMING, BOLD and BRAVE, and will take you from feeling stagnant and stuck to excited and intentional, no matter your age.

WHY 50 Unplugged?

This isn’t a program about unplugging from electronics. You probably have no idea about how your negative beliefs about aging are affecting your life. The 50 Unplugged Mastermind is all about unplugging from the stigma of your 50s and the negative stereotypes and thinking about what opportunities women our age can have.

It’s about unplugging from the old and tired ideas about what you CAN’T DO and focusing specifically on what you CAN do.

You’ll finally be focusing on what you want to do. And what you’re willing to create and make things happen for yourself.

I’m not here to sell you on 50UP either. You’re an intelligent, “older and wiser” woman; you and I both know that joining a coaching group is just a math problem in the end. You have to to think it through and do a bit of a cost-benefit analysis. In the nutshell, it’s about asking yourself these four questions:

  1. What does it cost?

  2. How long will it take?

  3. What results will I get?

  4. How badly do I want this transformation for myself? So let’s talk about that.

Here’s what it’s going to take:

Your commitment.

Going from feeling stagnant, stuck and confused to being super clear and excited about your life again is serious business. It doesn't happen over night. I’ve done it, and it takes laser focus and a commitment to doing the things that are out of your comfort zone.

2 - 4 hours per week minimum.

You have to put in the time and participate in the coaching calls, do the exercises plus work on yourself to look at this phase of life from a completely different perspective to feel more amazing and positive about all of it. You can’t just snap your fingers and get this kind of transformation. You gotta do the emotional and mental work to have the big personal payoff.

A financial investment.

The cost of this coaching program is not cheap but it’s a steal in comparison to how difficult it will be to bust out of your midlife funk and get excited about your life without it. There's a cost to staying stuck too. It's easy to overlook this. If you knew how to move forward with these kinds of changes, you probably would have these results already!

Here’s what you’re going to get out of it

By focusing on the specific 50UP formula of BECOMING, BOLD and BRAVE, you get:

More confidence and courage to finally be who you want to be

The exciting life you’ve been hoping for, with no regrets

More happiness and joy than you ever imagined

Here’s what the 50 UNPLUGGED LIFESTYLE looks like:


At the end of the Mastermind, you won’t recognize your life anymore. Your thoughts about what’s possible for you will be dramatically different than they were before. The parts of your life that you weren’t satisfied with, like your job, your relationships, your ability to prioritize yourself and your beliefs about what your 50s mean, will be unrecognizable because of what’s going on in your mind will be so different than it was. You won’t be stuck anymore. And it all starts with your thinking so that you can create what you want.


Your mindset is very much a part of this whole picture. You might even have subconscious thoughts that are causing problems for you in ways you’re not aware of.

There will be THREE group coaching calls per month. Each month, we will be coaching on new content as well as personal coaching. Throughout the Mastermind, I’ll help you figure out three main things:


What’s causing your mental blocks and what mindset you’ll need so that you can finally move forward.


What priorities are really important to you so that you don’t have regrets.


A precise plan and tools to get you EXACTLY where you want to go.

You’ll also get...

PRIVATE COACHING: You will also get a FOUR private, 60 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions with notes (one when you start, and one every three months in 50UP after that).

GOAL CLARITY: You'll create a customized Best Next Chapter Plan designed specifically for your current life and future goals so you always know what you want to do next.

ACTION STEPS: You’ll be super clear about the exact steps you need to take to get excited about your 50s and regret-proof your life, and the support and accountability you need to do those steps so you can challenge yourself and keep moving forward.

DIRECT GUIDANCE: You’ll get straight-shooting coaching from me, Suzy Rosenstein, a Master Certified Life & Weight Coach and Instructor at The Life Coach School. I’m also an Authentic Selling® Instructor with Kendrick Shope’s Sales School. I’m a highly trained coach and I can’t wait to help you! I believe in you and your potential and I’m going to be honest and direct because I know you don’t have time to waste. You’ve done enough of that already and it’s GROW time.

RETREAT: You'll participate in a weekend retreat in Toronto, ON, CANADA (an amazing virtual retreat if travel isn't possible). This is a wonderful chance to connect with other like-minded women your age for support, friendship and in-person learning so that you can REALLY solidify concepts and put your opportunity plan in high gear.

COMMUNITY: You'll have access to and participate in a private Facebook Group, our coaching calls and the retreat, which is FULL of like-minded women who are also tired of being frustrated and stuck and want to get going already, even at this age so that you’ll always have tons of support and won’t feel alone. Just like you!



You’ll get the Kick-Start 50 Coaching Experience for FREE! A beautiful box of everything you need to create the perfect Happiness Board for you, as well as an invitation to a specific motivational coaching online event to help you actually bring your vision to life so that you blow your own damn mind; it’s ALL included for free (worth $197 US).


If you’re an entrepreneur, podcaster or blogger and looking for additional marketing/sales/business support, you’ll love hearing that you'll also receive the highly effective coaching program called Unstick Your Biz (worth $1799 US)!

If 50 Unplugged! doesn’t feel like a fit, no problem.

If you think the benefits are worth the investment, keep reading.

Because I know there will be many applications for a small number of spots, I want to be very clear who this program is for.

Please apply if:

You want to get to work and finally create your BEST LIFE CHAPTER with other amazing midlife women who are as serious as you are about her goals. No whiners, no blamers, no wimps. This is it. We’re getting our hands dirty. We’re going to be pushing ourselves to be a little uncomfortable. You’re committed to going for it. Every woman in this group is ready to play the game of life and do hard things.

You are ready to take full responsibility for your life. Your goals. Your dreams. You’re tired of hearing your own excuses. You’re sick of feeling gross about your age. It’s game on and you know it.

You’re willing to invest time, money and mental focus in the pursuit of the life you want. I can coach you and help you every step of the way, but YOU are the secret ingredient to your life. You’re the one who will be putting in the time and discipline to make this shit happen for yourself.

You’re ready to surprise yourself with what you can do and feel pride that you’re doing it. You want to be happy and fulfilled by embracing what’s possible for yourself, even now, at this age. You’re ready to dream big.

You’re tired of being stuck and just want to get going but don’t know what you want or how to figure it out. You’re bored with watching your life pass you by. You just can’t take it anymore.

Please don't apply if:

You aren’t ready to make a commitment to yourself. (I won’t leave you high and dry because you can still read the blog, join the free Facebook Group and listen to the podcast, Women in the Middle, but this program isn’t for you.)

You’ve joined other programs but don’t get that involved; you haven’t made the time to do the work, show up for the calls, or interact with the other participants.

When you’re really honest with yourself, you notice that your real desire to make a big change and do hard things isn’t over the top. You’re not that uncomfortable with your life the way it is now. You complain about it, but aren’t extremely frustrated by the status quo. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this opportunity is for women who are ready to do the hard work, push themselves, believe the impossible and feel like they’re playing for their lives. This is IT for real. No more wasting time.

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Read What Client's Are Saying...

"I highly recommend working with Suzy if you would like to receive expert coaching on how to elevate your life on any level. The many levels that she helped me to unpack and rise higher in included career, romance, weight loss, and, most importantly, my overall thought patterns. I particularly urge midlife women to contact Suzy, as she has experienced this transition herself and can provide encouraging and constructive insights. Thank you, Suzy, for all I have learned in our work together!"

Renee, Ontario, Canada

"Coaching with Suzy was an eye opening and powerful experience.  Her ability to ask thoughtful questions and provide a safe space to answer in an unedited, honest way was a gift.  I uncovered beliefs and feelings I had been unaware of.  Suzy showed me where my power lies and helped me to see how I can change my results to better serve the life I am ready to create.  In working with Suzy I was able to gain a clear perspective on where I was in my life and how I was creating my results. This was a gift because I learned what I wanted to change in my life, how to change it and where to take action.  Suzy is kind, gentle, honest, compassionate and wise.  She pushes when she has to, holds your feet to the fire when necessary and provides a sense of comfort and support at the same time.  I don't know how she does it!  She is truly amazing.  Thank you, Suzy, for everything."

Zoe, Tennessee

"With an empty nest looming, I realised this was the perfect opportunity to reassess my life and focus on what I still wanted to achieve - but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Serendipity led me to Suzy Rosenstein and her “Women in the Middle” podcast. Her mix of warmth and wisdom laced with humour resonated with me, and after a mini coaching session I signed up for her Regret Proofing course - best investment ever! She helped me identify what was important to me, and what I wanted to achieve both personally and professionally. Six months on I’m 12kg lighter, loving my work, and enjoying a revitalized relationship with my husband; I’m living life intentionally and with a sense of purpose. And it feels great!"

Dubai Doc

"When I turned 40, I started thinking about where my life was now and where I wanted it to go.   I’m a physician and thought I had a great life; I had a wonderful husband, 3 healthy boys, and a rewarding job.  Nonetheless, I had a vague sense of restlessness,  and I couldn't quite pinpoint the cause.  I realized that I was approaching the middle of my life, and I wondered if I were doing the things that would bring me the most joy and fulfillment.   I always felt rushed and preoccupied, and I worried that I was missing lots of the "good stuff."   I sat down with a pen and paper and brainstormed things I wanted to do and learn, places I wanted to travel, books I wanted to read, healthy habits I wanted to adopt, goals I wanted to accomplish, etc.

During the process of exploring my ideas, I began looking for resources that would help me maximize my joy.  I came across several podcasts produced by life coaches, and I heard an interview with Suzy on a podcast that really spoke to me.  I had no prior experience with life coaching, and I really had no idea what a life coach did or why someone would want to hire a life coach.  In listening to these podcasts, I began to understand that we really do have control of how we feel and our experience of life, but I wanted to learn more.  

I decided to take the plunge and sign up for one of Suzy's free mini-sessions.  As an introvert by nature, the thought of talking about my thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger somewhat terrified me.  But Suzy immediately put me at ease.  She is so easy to talk to, and she has great skill in looking at an issue and teasing out the little thoughts creating the results.  I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching program, and I learned a lot about myself.  Suzy's program is very comprehensive as she focuses on "regret-proofing" in several areas of life (yourself, relationships, career).  The concepts I learned are life-long skills that will help me for the rest of my life.   

My advice to anyone contemplating signing up for coaching with Suzy is to go for it.  You won't regret it!"

Shanon, Florida

"Suzy is a true master with a great laugh that eases you into looking at your life differently. In our first session she was able to get me to see the thought that was creating my pain. Once that shifted I was able to choose what I wanted to feel.  Amazing results for me!

Thank you Suzy!"

Sarah, Kansas

"I honed down my niche, which I had been struggling to master,  and came up with a clear plan to start marketing.  It was awesome.  I got direction and support and can’t recommend her enough…"

Debbie, California

"After having a few short 10 minute calls with Suzy where I was amazed each time with how much can be accomplished with an expert coach, I knew I needed to book a few full length sessions with her.

I can honestly say that Suzy has a gift for coaching. She helped me to uncover a lifetime habit of unproductive thinking with respect to my writing that I have been listening to each time I begin (and then avoid until the last minute) a writing project. Suzy then helped me to identify believable intentional thoughts for me to think in order to change my action to consistently work on my current writing project. Changing my thinking brought me my desired result--a finished writing product created with focus and ease."

Laurie, Nebraska

"Before I started coaching I was looking for clarity in my life, I wanted to get clear about what I wanted to be spending my time on. I wanted something engaging that was “my thing”, not helping my husband with his business or all about my kids (now in college). Suzy helped me to get clear and get going! It’s been fantastic and I feel amazing, I can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished in such a short time! I feel like I’m blooming!"

Lynley, Kentucky

"Coaching with Suzy has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. She helped me gain clarity into a situation I was dealing with; helping me to identify not only what I DO want but also what I do NOT want – which is equally important. More than just her 100% present listening, her insightful questioning and exercises pushed me to uncover within what needs to come out, what needs to be pursued and what needs work. Thanks so much Suzy!"

Patrice, Massachusetts

"I give Suzy what I call the 5-Star Ritz Carlton review.  I don't give this type of review often, in fact, I have only given it one other time.  She is such a gifted coach and  she helped me to clarify my thoughts so I could feel better about various situations.  We can't change other people but we can control what we think about them.  She is a master at helping you understand yourself better.  She is very compassionate, supportive and funny too!  I just love her and will continue to coach with her.  If you are looking to make some life changes Suzy is top notch and  you will benefit greatly."

Valerie, Florida

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