EP #65: How to Relocate with Confidence, Interview with Margaret Vandergriff

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • Tips to avoid a disastrous relocation experience.
  • How having an empty nest can open exciting doors to relocate.
  • Why Internet searches can make moving to a new town more complicated.
  • Why it’s important to really understand what you want when you think about moving.
  • How it becomes difficult to “un-do”a relocation mistake.
  • How to plan and research options so you avoid problems.
  • What you need to consider to relocate with confidence.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Empty Nest Relocation! This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Middle interview features Margaret Vandergriff, someone who turned her disastrous relocation experience into a business that helps people relocate with confidence and ease. Basically, she works with them to make sure they feel confident that they’ll thrive in the new community of their dreams.

When Margaret’s found herself deep into an empty nest, she made a decision to move and shake things up. She had great intentions. But it didn’t turn out the way she hoped.

Margaret often wondered how she could have possibly ended up in a dissatisfying place a couple times in a row. She found that she didn’t honor her core values. The way the information about moving and relocating is organized and presented online just makes things worse.

Margaret explains how so many of the sites you might go to are biased and based on public opinion. What someone else thinks about a place has nothing to do with you might think about it. It’s critical to do your own work on what you need and want first, so you are very clear about what you’re wanting for your life and lifestyle.

Moving and making a change like this can be super exciting but planning is essential.

It’s important to press the pause button and really do a deep dive into grounding yourself on your preferences (weather, traffic, affordability, congestion, culture, social, etc.) and what you’re looking for in a new place to live. Margaret offers solid resources and a process to regret-proof your relocation and make the process efficient, full of confidence and successful.

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