EP #62: How Midlife Envy can Lead to Moving Abroad, Interview with Leslie Ender

What You’ll Learn from this Episode: 

  • What it’s like to envy your kids’ college plans.
  • What it’s like to learn to trust your adult children when they travel.
  • How empty nest can open doors for your own midlife adventure.
  • What lifestyle changes are like when you move to Austria.
  • How noticing that you’ve always been intrigued by travel help make midlife more enjoyable.
  • Why noticing what has always brought you joy can continue to bring you joy.
  • How experiencing a lot of European travel led to a new travel business in midlife.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

This week’s Getting Real with Women in the Woman interview features Leslie Ender, someone who moved to Austria in midlife and started a small group travel business. She did what many of us fantasize about – she moved to a foreign country and did something cool!

Moving abroad wasn’t on her radar. She was quite busy dealing with her life. As her kids grew up, things became more difficult for her in several ways. Dealing with menopause was challenging; dealing with her empty nest wasn’t smooth either. Leslie noticed she actually felt jealous when making college plans with her kids.

Leslie never anticipated moving or living in Europe. But after the kids went to college, an opportunity came up with her husband’s job that was hard to ignore. They had the chance to move to Austria. The timing seemed right and they made the decision quickly.

Living in Austria was an interesting transition during a transitional phase of life. It brought introspection and education together in a way Leslie never imagined. The experience helped her slow down, be more present, love her life and share her passion for travel and she’s never looked back!

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