EP #51: Drinking More than You Want in Midlife, Interview with Rachel Hart

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Drinking More than You Want in Midlife with Rachel Hart:

  • Why there are many women in midlife who drink more than they want.
  • How and why the amount you drink can change over your lifetime.
  • Why shame is associated with drinking more than you want.
  • How stress and anxiety can be challenging when you’re trying to drink less in midlife.
  • How a variety of midlife transitions can be related to reasons that women start drinking more in midlife.
  • How it’s possible to lose your desire for alcohol.
  • How knowing what you’re actually thinking when you overdrink can help you drink less.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s interview about drinking more than you want in midlife. Meet Master Certified Life Coach, Rachel Hart, who’s the author of the new book Why Can’t I drink like Everyone Else: A Step by Step Guide to Understanding Why You Drink and How to Take a Break. Rachel knows first-hand that in order to change your drinking, you have to change your thinking.

This is another episode in the Weekly Wow with Women in the Middle Series, which introduces you to real life women in the middle who have some pretty cool and highly useful information to share with you. That’s how I feel about this whole midlife drinking topic.

Rachel introduces you to why it’s not unusual for midlife women to start to drink more than they want to, even when they’ve never had this problem before. Common midlife transition issues like empty nest, career stress, menopause, divorce, physical pain, etc., can be related to negative feelings that midlife women want to avoid; sometimes they choose drinking as a way to do this.

Rachel explains some of the common thoughts that led to her own desire to drink more than she wanted to, and how she learned to eliminate this desire. Understanding what you’re thinking is critical to ultimately being able to manage your mind, and your desire for alcohol.

Rachel also shows you how willpower enough isn’t going to help you drink less. It’s important to actually change your desire for alcohol for long-lasting change. What you’re really desiring is a feeling, which is cause by a thought.  It’s really all about desiring relief from feeling negative emotions.

Finally, Rachel offers some solid strategies and tips to help you change your habit of drinking

and manage your emotions with confidence, so that you can ultimately feel happier and healthier.

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