The Call for Calm, Even Now

A lot sure has happened in the world recently that is the opposite of calm.

So much intense emotion that’s actually a bit shocking.

This public health news story came in with a ROAR. 

There didn’t seem to be an initiation phase to get “us” fully informed.

There wasn’t really a problem that required our FULL attention.

And then, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, there was.

I think that’s why you’re feeling a bit shell-shocked.

And you’re not alone.

For such a little virus, “it” got big and scary really FAST.

I’ve been doing FB Lives in my groups to help.

We need to talk about what’s going on. There’s a ton of fear.

The anxiety.

The unknown.

The regular thought spins.

All of it.

We are consumed with the news and we’re consumed with fear.

We need to talk. 

We need to keep talking.

We need to be aware of our emotions and our ability to manage them.

Coaching can help so much and it really has been helping so many!

Coaching strategies are useful because they help you get perspective on your thinking and increase your ability to manage your mind.

So, when you take a good look at what’s going on up there, you see something pretty interesting.

You may be more drawn to fear than calmness.

It’s natural.

You might feel the need to worry about all kinds of things.

You might also find yourself watching the behavior of family and friends and wondering if you should be acting more like them, especially if they’re calm.

How should you act?

How should you be?

How should you feel?

Or, you may be judging them…not just judging yourself.

So interesting, right?

What’s causing your fear?

Well, this is the perfect time to look for some perspective on thoughtwork.

You may have gotten your head around applying how thoughts work with your feelings, even in this situation.

What I mean is that you’ve figured out that the virus isn’t what’s causing your fear.

It’s not the school closures either.  


Or your mother-in-law.

I know that may sound whacky.

But, if you’re a student of this type of mindfulness work, you know that what’s causing ALL OF IT is your thinking.

Your thoughts cause your feelings.

And you know that stress and feeling anxious are feelings.

Being worried…feeling.

Being overwhelmed…feeling.

And you ALSO know that feeling calm is a feeling, that’s also caused by your thinking.

It can be hard to believe that in this situation you can actually feel calm more often on purpose.

Calm is a choice.

It’s alright to feel calm.

That you can chose more calm in your life right now, even with everything that’s going on.

I’ve been working on this myself. I can watch my thoughts go all kinds of places.

I see what those worse case scenario thoughts do for me. NOT USEFUL. NOT CALM.

I also see that they are directly related to watching too much news.

Being more present in my day-to-day life is definitely useful.

And then I can see what the new thoughts I’m practicing do for me. Thoughts like, “Everything’s going to be ok,” for example.

“I hear the birds outside right now, like normal.” VERY USEFUL. MORE CALM.

“I’m learning to take one day at a time.” VERY USEFUL. MORE CALM

“I’m open to the idea that I can manage this.” VERY USEFUL. MORE CALM

So really, the choice for more calm in your life is yours.

Even now.

Even when it doesn’t feel possible.

Or optional.

It is.

You can call for feeling more calm.

You can see what you’re thinking and how it makes you feel.

And you can see how a more useful thought makes you feel too.

You have choice.

You can be more intentional about it.

You can prioritize yourself and your emotional wellbeing and be Finally First.

You can learn the secret to mind management.

And there’s one more thing; you can make the shift to believing in yourself to do this for yourself.

You can bring more calm into your life, even now.

But really, all you need are your “cleaned up” thoughts.

I’m here for you. Join my free FB group for more connection and support.

Let’s do this together!




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