Is it Finally your Time?

Do you catch yourself thinking it’s finally your time in midlife?is it finally your time

Do you even know what I mean by that?

I wonder.

I want you to wonder.

Just for a few seconds.

YOUR TIME means taking time and prioritizing your personal priorities.

You might think of it as SELF-CARE.

You might think of it as PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST.

However you think of it is GREAT!

Because life is short.

You know it.

And when you aren’t conscious about this stuff, before you know it, another decade has gone by. 

That’s what happens in midlife.

Now, you might not know what you want.

You might be uncomfortable about putting yourself first.

Spending money on yourself.

Spending time on yourself.

These are thoughts that pop into your mind with EASE.

But here’s the thing.

If you’re not strong, you can’t BE STRONG.

If you don’t walk the walk, you can’t model the talk.

And you will get weaker and weaker.

You really have to ask yourself if this is OK.

What stops you from GRABBING time for yourself, with gusto?

It’s always something you’re thinking.

Because, as you may know, thoughts cause feelings. And then you behave based on how you feel, or how you don’t want to feel. So when you think something like, “It’s self-indulgent to spend money this way,” or “I really shouldn’t take time away from the family to do my hobby,” make sure to notice how you feel.

This specific feeling is driving your behavior, which, you may have noticed, is resistant to doing something like this.

Spending time on yourself.

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Here’s another way it plays out.

You might feel confused or frustrated about your job.

  • Or your age.
  • Or your aging parents.
  • Or your empty nest, or soon-to-be-empty nest.

Who knows? But I want YOU to know.

And guess what…confusion and frustration aren’t good enough reasons not to dedicate some of your time to sorting it out.

You’re only ONE CLICK AWAY from ACTUALLY getting help. And it would be my pleasure to help you.

  • I want you to be more clear about what you want.
  • I want you to feel happier.
  • I want you to be so excited about your life that your family and friends actually notice a difference in you!

How? Not by digging into your past and dredging up all that old stuff.

By digging into your FUTURE.


Is it finally YOUR time?

Are you ready to be more future focused?

Are you ready to stop using that narrative from your past about what you can’t do?


Self-care is a great place to start. Thinking about what you want. Deciding to put yourself first. All of it! .

Take the first painless little step.

Let’s see what we can do to WAKE YOU UP and MAKE SURE that you’re on the path to get clear, get going and get excited.

Stuck is boring.

I got the memo. You’re NOT boring.

Let’s do this, one intentional thought at a time!



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