EP #166: Are You Worried about Looking your Age? You’re Not Alone!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Worrying about Looking your Age:

  • Why it’s so common to be worried about looking your age; you’re not alone.
  • How looking your age is more than wrinkles, turkey neck and your skin.
  • Why it’s important to understand being worried from the perspective of appearance, perception and reinvention.
  • Why understanding what your thoughts are about aging is so important.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Are you worried about looking your age? You’re not alone.

When most midlife women think about getting older, they also think about looking their age and it brings up a lot of negative emotion, including worry. Sometimes you don’t even know you have thoughts like this that wouldn’t be supportive of self-love and pro-aging.

It’s important to understand your mindset about aging. Your thoughts create your feelings, so if your thinking is negative, your feelings will likely not serve you, in the same way that worry really doesn’t serve you.

Being worried like this isn’t just about your wrinkles. I think “looking older” tends to be a broader concept includes things like your overall appearance, your clothes, your mindset and perceptions of aging and your lack of need for change. There are elements of all these topics that might influence how old you think you look.

Practicing the skill to notice your thoughts and feelings created by them will really serve you well and help your happiness. This is because, if you don’t like your reasons, you can change your thoughts and be more intentional about your life. Improved thought awareness skills with get you farther ahead on the road to becoming the Queen of your Brain Domain and living midlife on purpose!

Enjoy this episode!

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