Is it Possible to Dream in Midlife Right Now?

I bet you’re wondering if a midlife dream is even possible at all right now. possible to dream empty nest blog

What I mean is, you might be asking yourself how you can even entertain the idea of thinking about yourself and what you want in the future when everything is so weird and uncertain, both in midlife and in the world.

Well, my friend…I’m challenging you to think again and dream on.


Now, don’t get me wrong.

You can squeeze a little bit of worry in there too.

Perhaps an occasional freak out.

All fine.

But it’s not fine if that’s all you’re doing.

Remember, you’re actually responsible for your emotional well-being.

I know that may not seem logical with something like the Coronavirus.

It might not seem like you have a lot of options when it comes to how you’re feeling and coping these days.

Like you’re stuck with all of it. Getting unstuck is a mystery.

However, how you feel is always a choice, even though it really doesn’t feel like it.

The thing is, the way you’re feeling is totally created by what’s on your mind.


It’s important to remember that it’s all optional. Your thoughts and your feelings.

You have more wiggle room than you might think.

This is pretty good news at a time when the news is pretty bad.

So, the question becomes, why NOT dream?

Why not think more about what you want when things get better again?

  • Why not imagine that amazing trip?
  • Or a new morning routine?
  • Or more focus on eating nutritious foods?
  • Or relationships where you’re more present?
  • Or new hobbies and skills you want to learn?

Are you with me? Dreaming is a pretty intriguing idea:

-It’s free.

-It’s fun.

-It helps you practice the skill of dreaming.

-It’s a good use of your extra time now.

-It’s a welcome distraction.

dream midlife uncertainty worry


I know what you’re probably thinking though.

It feels too indulgent to think about myself like this.

It feels really selfish to entertain thoughts like this when I know so many people coping with bad news.

It feels like a waste of time to think about the future when it’s hard enough to cope with today.

I hear you.

There’s an aweful lot going on in the world and in your community.

When you really, really think about it, there’s no downside to dreaming.

But there IS a downside to NOT dreaming.

You won’t be ready to move forward when you’re able.

Your mindset won’t be different so you won’t be prepared.

You won’t be excited about your plans and ready to go!

So, you do have a choice about you decide to spend your time. You still have to live your life. And it’s not a great idea to worry all of the time.

Thinking about what you really want in life is always a worthy exercise.

You’re worth it.

And it feels good to do midlife on purpose.

Even now.

The choice is yours.

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