EP #160: When the Pandemic Tries to Ruin your 50th Birthday with Diane Shephard

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about when the Pandemic Tries to Ruin your 50th Birthday Plans with Diane Shephard:Pandemic Ruins your 50th Birthday Plans

  • How to rebound when the pandemic tries to ruin your 50th birthday plans.
  • How to rebound when your extensive 50th birthday plans get cancelled.
  • How to think through what’s really important about important milestones.
  • How you’re likely learning important life lessons in your 40s that set you up for your next chapter.
  • Why being imperfect at weight loss can be perfect for ultimate success.
  • What a great essential oil suggestion is for birthday celebrations.
  • Why gratitude can give you perspective for a beautiful celebration.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

The pandemic sure tries to ruin a lot of plans, including many 50th birthday plans and celebrations. Lots have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Today we’re talking to a woman who planned a beautifully fulfilling and varied milestone celebration but Covid 19 ensured everything got cancelled.

My guest today is Diane Shephard. Diane was very excited about what she had planned this year. When things unravelled, she eventually realized she no longer had anything in her calendar at all!

She reached out to her friends on Facebook asking for suggestions. She was stumped and disappointed so she reached out for help. Diane took this seriously; she didn’t stop her goal of creating a meaningful and memorable experience for herself and came up with creative, personal ideas.

Diane also shares her significant life lessons from her 40s that set her up for success in her next chapter; these include insights about family, an 80 lb. weight loss, empty nest, young adult children who make choices that are difficult for you, and of course and her successful essential oils business that all contributed to her beautiful perspective.

For sure, you’ll find Diane’s 50th birthday story inspiring and want to celebrate along with her! Enjoy!

Connect with Diane Shephard

Diane’s website: https://www.dianeshephard.com/

Connect with Suzy:

Connect with Suzy

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