EP #161: 4 Midlife Myths Women Need to Put Aside NOW for Their Own Wellbeing

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Midlife Myths:Midlife Myths Women Need to Put Aside Now

  • How to look for clues about the origin of the midlife myths you believe.
  • What four common midlife myths are and why they are a problem.
  • How understanding how a myth works in your brain can create more wellbeing.
  • Why being intentional about your beliefs is critical for happiness.
  • What four suggestions for new beliefs are instead of these common midlife myths.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Midlife myths can create a lot of negative emotion. You may not even be aware of how committed you are to having certain negative beliefs about aging and midlife in general.

In today’s episode, we explore 4 midlife myths women need to put aside now for their own wellbeing. The definition of a myth is simply that it’s a widely held belief or idea.

To set the stage, we start by taking a look at why you might have some of these beliefs in the first place. Was it observation of someone else in your life who was experiencing an event in midlife, like a milestone birthday or high school reunion, that in some way that left you with a belief or thought that ended up creating negative emotion for you?

Four common midlife myths are explored with examples to help increase your own awareness of your long-held beliefs and ideas about midlife. There is a lot of negativity and fear associated with so much of this important part of life, yet much of our thinking is on autopilot rather than being intentional.

Four new suggestions for midlife beliefs are discussed and available to you to adopt as your own if you find the feelings they create for you are useful. That’s the thing about living an intentional midlife. You get to decide so much more in your life. You get to consider your emotional wellbeing and you also get to take active steps to do something about it. Enjoy this episode!

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