EP #148: 5 Togetherness Tips when your Empty Nest Fills Up Again

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about When your Empty Nest Fills Up Again:Empty Nest Midlife College

  •  What You’ll Learn from this Episode about When your Empty Nest Fills Up again:
  • Why it’s important to acknowledge that living with adult children again in midlife  is a significant transition for everyone.
  • Why the experience of adult children moving home is different now with the pandemic.
  • What it can mean for you to understand that your thinking creates your feelings.
  • How incorporating Five Togetherness Tips can improve the bumpy nature of this important empty nest transition.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is all about the bumpy transition of adult kids moving back home in midlife, or, what it’s like when your empty nest fills up again.

It’s common for this to happen on occasion after your kids leave the first time; however, the pandemic situation has created a bit of a different situation in that many grown kids have moved back home without much warning or emotional preparation for anyone. Pre-pandemic, graduates would move back home when they were looking for work, or perhaps your grown kid lost his or her job and needed to move home because of financial reasons.

With the pandemic, there are more reasons for kids to move back home, including unemployment, unsafe living situations with roommates causing them to not be able to control the safety of their space, living in higher risk cities and of course, being less alone.

As you can imagine, it can be a bumpy ride at the best of times, but all of the uncertainty of this situation and perhaps a little too much togetherness can really make things a bit more difficult.

When you remember that your thoughts create your feelings, it can really help you manage your emotional experience. I introduce you to five categories for “Togetherness Tips” that are sure to inspire and help you navigate these waters and create more peace and more fun. It might even be possible for you to shift your thoughts about all of this and start to consider it a once-in-a-lifetime gift of time with your kids. Who knows…stranger things have happened! Enjoy this episode!

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Suzy’s Empty Nest Blog, The Call for Calm, Even Now


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