EP #149: Top 5 Reasons to Write Letters Again in Midlife

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about the Top 5 Reasons to Write Letters Again in Midlife:

  • How deciding to write letters in midlife can be used to be an important way to stay connected.
  • Why writing letters might actually help you avoid a common midlife regret.
  • Why it can be as beneficial to you as it is to the recipient when you write letters in midlife.
  • How understanding the top five reasons why you should consider writing letters again can change your life and help you be more present, find more meaning and express yourself to those you care about.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Today’s episode is all about the importance of your decision to write letters again and the top five reasons you should consider bringing this meaningful activity back into your life, especially now, in midlife.

If you’re like most women in the middle, you probably haven’t written too many letters lately. However, you probably did quite a bit of letter writing as a kid; it was a popular thing to do back then. It was also a popular way to stay in touch with people you cared about.

When we grew up, communicating with people was a totally different ball game. Phones weren’t portable. Phone plans were expensive. The Internet wasn’t invented yet. And, we knew how to write in cursive, and we aspired to it. It was something we were excited to learn and graduate to.

Once the Internet came along and phones became part of the way we entertained ourselves, everything about communicating with our friends and family changed. Cursive writing was replaced by keyboarding and texting. We became more connected, but, for many, not in the same way. Communication gradually became more superficial and less personal.

In today’s episode, you’ll be introduced to five reasons why it’s a great idea for you to consider writing letters again, like you used to:  with stationary, with an envelope, with handwriting and with a stamp. It’s a great way to regret proof your life and put in a solid, intentional effort to connect with those you care about it in a meaningful way. Enjoy this episode!

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