EP #163: Why You Need to Get Over Feeling Stuck in Midlife

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Feeling Stuck:

  • Why getting unstuck has everything to do with your thoughts.
  • Why being stuck is a choice.
  • How thinking about how you can help others can help you get unstuck.
  • Why certain types of feelings can actually keep you stuck.
  • Why the responsibility to unstuck yourself is yours.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Feeling stuck in midlife can be overwhelming. The interesting thing about feeling this way is that it is confusing. Many of us have never been stuck like this before.

It’s easy and common to look outside of yourself for the answers. It can even feel like your stuckness is out of control.

But like everything in life, your feelings are created by your thoughts. Being stuck and feeling stuck is actually a choice, even though it doesn’t really feel that way.

This isn’t the only confusing thing about feeling stuck. It’s also surprising to understand the impact of thinking about how what won’t happen as a result of you staying stuck can be even more compelling than the way you probably think about it now, which is more focused on yourself.  Lots of examples are shared to give this idea greater context and help you reframe your own thoughts of being stuck.

Enjoy this episode!

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