Are you hiding from change?

You’ve been thinking about making a change. So much so that the change itself has become noisy chatter in your mind. It comes and goes, but it’s there.

You hear it even though you’re hiding. It’s not constant, but you hear it.

You try to ignore it when you notice it.

Sometimes you can. But it comes back.

It goes something like this: Something’s gotta change. Something’s gotta give. Things are not OK the way they are. I’m wasting time.

It could be your job.

It could be a relationship.

It could be your routine.

Maybe your weight.

Whatever it is, it’s no longer working for you.


There it is…like an unsolved math problem.

Like an unfinished puzzle…with the last piece lost.



You’ve been hiding from it. It feels hard.

Sometimes you manage to think for just a few seconds about how things would be if you made the change; you let a little teeny, tiny glimmer of the image of that new life into your mind , but you push it out of your thoughts quickly. It’s just too hard to figure out what to do, how to proceed, how to make things better.

So you ignore it for a few more weeks.

You hide from it.

You know it’s still there. But you pretend you’re not as aware of it as you really are.

You know the problem hasn’t gone away. And you know you need to do something.

You even know you’re hiding from making things better – from what YOU can do to create a different result in your life.

Because you’re stuck.

Because it’s not going to be easy.

Because you’re overwhelmed.

Because you’re confused.

At least this is what you tell yourself.

You actually wish someone would just tell you what to do.

Pull you out.

Unstick you.

So interesting. It actually starts to feel like it’s a fact in your life. You’re stuck and that’s just the way it is.

What if you really understood the power of your own thinking?

coaching_pin_thought22_pinterest“I’m stuck” is actually a thought. You can change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts is related to actually changing your outcome.

Awareness is the first step. It can be really entertaining to get to the point that you can “watch” your thoughts come and go and not let them have control over your life.

It takes work but it can be done.

You can do hard things.

You just have to decide that you need to change.

That it’s time to change.

That you’re ready to prioritize yourself and create what you want in your life.

What can you do? What will you do?

Check out this FREE download, 10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Bust out of your Midlife Funk.  It’s an awesome place to start.

Your personal HIDE and SEEK game doesn’t have to be only about HIDING.

It’s your game.

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I’m rooting for you!





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