Ep246: The Decision to go Vegan in Midlife with Michele Olender

Ep246: The Decision to go Vegan in Midlife with Michele Olender 


What You’ll Learn About The Decision to go Vegan in Midlife with Michele Olender:

  • What it’s like to make the decision to go Vegan in midlife, with Michele Olender.
  • Why it can be easier to make changes and do things for others instead of yourself.
  • Why the decision to go Vegan can feel like “all or nothing” thinking can make you believe it’s not possible.
  • Why finding your thoughts that create resistance can be so helpful.
  • What the common thoughts are about obstacles for the decision to go Vegan.
  • How easy it is to get in your own way when it comes to your goals.
  • How to deal with family traditions around food when you’re a Vegan.
  • Why your thinking about what’s really possible for you is critical to help you be intentional about your life.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

The decision to go vegan in midlife can seem difficult and guest Michele Olender explains why. It turns out that the way you think about decisions like this becomes a huge part of the decision-making experience with all kinds of decisions and goals, not just going vegan or making dietary changes.

Michele Olender, a midlife mom who made some big changes in midlife, went vegan after 50. She shares what her personal vegan journey looks like and explains what her experience was like as she realized what kind of lifestyle she wanted to create for herself, on purpose.

My guest says that She has always had a good relationship with vegetables. Michele Olender is a Certified Life Coach and Podcaster, committed to helping people limit or eliminate the consumption of animal products and create a Vegan/Vegetarian/ Whole Food Plant-Based practice.

Through her podcast, Vedge Your Best, Michele presents tools and ideas that encourage you to pick a big goal and start right where you are now with what you’ve Got.

Michele has an interesting background. She earned a BA in Russian at Smith College, an MA from the University of Massachusetts in the History of Art, and has successfully completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program through Cornell University.

Michele’s “impossible goal” is to help encourage a million people to move towards Veganism through her weekly Podcast, Vedge Your Best, creating Vegan challenges, coaching individuals one-on-one, and partnering with Vegetarian and sustainable startups, side gigs, communities, and thought leaders.

Today’s episode raises your awareness about all of the mindfulness issues related to making a big change like going Vegan in midlife.

Michele points out that it’s often easier to put others first and to basically hide behind other family members’ goals and priorities. It can be more comfortable to think about what you should do instead of what you want to do.

Regardless of your intentions around your own personal dietary choices, today’s show will raise your awareness about common goal-setting, decision-making, and excuses that can be understood better so that you stay on track with what’s really important to you now.

Please enjoy this episode!

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