How Long Do You Want to Stay Confused in Midlife?

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How long do you want to stay confused in midlife?

Well, what do you think?stay confused midlife wome

I bet you would say, “not long, because it’s a colossal waste of time,” right?

That’s what I think.


When I was confused and stuck from 45 – 50 years old…that’s not what I did.


I’ve given that period of time in my life (when I was stuck, confused and miserable,) a lot of thought, now that I have the self-coaching skills to do so.

I was so stuck.

For sure…I hated feeling that way.

Feeling confused like that actually made the situation worse.

Why couldn’t I just figure stuff out and thrive in midlife, like the other amazing women loving their lives?

It was adding a ton of negative emotion too.

The way I was thinking about everything made me feel so lost. I had no clue how I would get unstuck. And it didn’t feel like I had the power to figure things out. I literally felt like I needed one of my amazing wise friends to tell me what to do, lol.

For me, I was confused about my job.

It looked so good on paper. And I was content for a very long time. But 15 years into my 19 year career there, I discovered I was no longer content. I was very unhappy in my job and literally felt miserable as I watched my life pass before my very eyes.

Yet, the solution I was looking for was nowhere to be found. 

The job looked great on paper. Actually, the job was fine!

But I had just been there too long and wow, I felt lost about all of it.

Turns out my friends didn’t know the answer to my confusion either.

The bottom line was that I didn’t know what I wanted.

And to add insult to injury, I didn’t know how to get there either.





And…it felt so weird to me because I have always been clear, highly productive and content at work.

This whole experience seemed bizarre.

top 10 questions midlife

My big birthday was coming up.

In hindsight, I can also see how my looming 50th birthday was starting to weigh on me as well. Not in a freaky, fearful way, but more of a “benchmark awareness” type of wake up call.

I couldn’t believe I was that old.

And I didn’t know what I wanted.  Did I mention that, lol?


This period of time can be very stressful.

It’s no wonder so many women in the middle think they’re having a midlife crisis!

Here’s the thing about being confused.

The main thing I learned over all of these years is that YOU have more ability and control than you think. Midlife women mindset coach

I know it doesn’t feel this way when you’re IN IT.

You definitely feel confused.  Maybe overwhelmed. In a big spin.

But what if you believed you have the answers but just couldn’t access them YET?

That’s what I believe now.

As an older and wiser woman in the middle, I believe you’re probably underestimating the “wiser” part.

You can learn how to tap into your thoughts about what you actually want.

Your wisdom is waiting for you.

Ask yourself this:  What if you’re on the right path after all?

I bet you don’t believe it.

As a midlife coach, I’ve seen this time and time again. I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you, ready to fully dismiss their amazingness.

Their wisdom.

Their experience!

And it starts with your belief and your mindset that there’s MORE possible for you at this age than you thought.

I can teach you how to find the clarity you’re looking for.

I can show you how you can create belief.

I can help you take control of your life again.

I can show you how to do something about feeling confused so you can move forward.

And it can be way more fun that you think!

Are you ready?

Are you prepared to listen to your heart when you hear that whisper of “knowing” that you’ve already wasted enough time feeling stuck?

It’s a serious question because there’s a cost to staying stuck, and it’s even harder to ignore when you realize you have more choice than you think.

Being a midlife coach and helping you unstuck yourself is why I get up in the morning.

You can absolutely find the clarity you’re looking for and love your life after 50.

Let’s talk about it. 

Book your FREE MOMENTUM CALL now. I can’t wait to see your name in my calendar!

Suzy Rosenstein midlife coachSuzy Rosenstein, MA is a master certified life coach and host of the popular podcast for midlife women, Women in the Middle, with over 1 million downloads. Having wasted five years being stuck herself, she knows how frustrating and painful it can be.  She uses her upbeat approach with the serious topic of aging to help you get clear about what you want, get unstuck and live your best life. Girlfriend, there’s more fun to be had! She offers a free guide, 10 Questions to Reimagine your Life After 50.



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