Ep245: From Confusion to Clarity around Making a Hard Decision in Midlife

Ep245: From Confusion to Clarity around Making a Hard Decision in Midlife

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What You’ll Learn About Going From Confusion to Clarity Around Making a Hard Decision in Midlife:

  • How to go from confusion to clarity around making a hard decision in midlife.
  • Why comparing one option vs another can really help you notice your feelings.
  • Why confusion can make it more difficult to understand your thoughts.
  • Why noticing your feelings can help you find your thoughts.
  • Why creating options for yourself and then comparing them can help you find the clarity you’re looking for.



Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle Podcast

Going from confusion to clarity about making hard decisions in midlife can seem elusive.

When you’re trying to make a decision, it’s pretty common to find yourself spinning and exceptionally unclear about what you want.

You can waste a lot of time spinning with this kind of thing.

Today’s episode helps you understand why you can work so hard to create opportunities and then find yourself completely confused about what you want when you thought you knew.

The strategy of comparison is discussed with a couple of examples. Comparison can help notice your emotions in a clearer way. Once you understand what you’re really feeling, it can make it easier to understand how you really think and what you really want.

It’s important to keep creating opportunities and choices for yourself and not fail in advance just because you don’t have certainty just yet. Your brain is working on helping you solve the problem behind the scenes.

Please enjoy this episode!

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