EP #78: Why you should Celebrate Traditions in Midlife with Bob Schneeweiss

What You’ll Learn in this Episode about Why you Should Celebrate Family Traditions in Midlife.

  • Why you should celebrate traditions in midlife.
  • Why you need to be aware of the family traditions that you want to keep alive, on purpose.
  • How family traditions are often food-based and can be more meaningful than you might imagine.
  • How the transition of traditions to the next generation is often unplanned and at risk of being lost.
  • How finding a family recipe in the handwriting of the cook or baker can become a treasured keepsake and a way to create a rebirth of a tradition.
  • Why vacation types and locations can also be important traditions.
  • How things that were important in your childhood can be inspiration for new family traditions, including a dog breed.
  • Why it can be so much fun to create new traditions out of both large and small life events.
  • .How you can create unusual and meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the memory of a loved one.

Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

Family traditions are really important to think about in midlife; you may be surprised when you are the one who’s in charge of creating them and making them happen for your family to experience.

The week’s episode introduces you to Robert Schneeweiss (Uncle Bob), a talented and creative retiree who has decades of experience and specific expertise in the creation and celebration of life through fun and meaningful traditions.

Bob is 76 years young and now retired from a long and distinguished career as the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain Connecticut. He has a Masters of Education in College Student Personnel Administration and is a proud recipient of The ACUI Butt Whiting Award.

With this background, it’s not a huge surprise that Bob is a pretty creative and motivational guy, probably just the kind of guy who knows how to celebrate life. But he also brings a sensitive perspective when it comes to tradition that serves to enhance not only his life, but the lives of others.

You’ll also hear some of Bob’s particularly interesting and meaningful new traditions. The bottom line is that today’s episode gets you to think about how tradition affects you and your family’s life.

You’ll also be inspired to think about what traditions you already celebrate and have that are going strong, and also come up with ideas about how to create new traditions to bring more joy and meaning to your life going forward.

Enjoy the interview!

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