EP #168: How I Finally Put Myself First & Got Excited about My Life Again with Lisa Russell

What You’ll Learn from this Episode about Why You Need to Get Unstuck & Put Yourself First:

  • What it’s like when every day starts to feel the same in midlife.
  • How the Finally First Club supports you putting yourself first.
  • What it’s like to have big epiphanies in midlife about overwhelm and procrastination.
  • How to find out what may bring you joy again in midlife.
  • Why thought work and mindfulness can help you create the life you want on purpose.


Welcome to another episode of the Women in the Middle podcast!

It’s not fun to realize you’re not as happy as you want to be in midlife. You might not know what the actual problem is either. But you have a sense that you want more or need to change something.

Meet our guest today, Lisa Russell, a woman in the middle who was stuck. She realized the every day started to feel the same. Lisa was dealing with empty nest related changes and felt herself searching for something. She discovered mindfulness practice and applied her new skills to midlife weight loss.

Things were going well, but Lisa wanted more support with the specific things she was experiencing as part of her age and stage of life. There’s no doubt about it, midlife can be jarring and it’s great deal with it directly.

That’s how Lisa found the Finally First Club, the midlife membership that is your home away from home for coaching, community and connection. She learned to put herself first and take small steps toward big results in terms of bringing you closer to becoming the woman you want to be.

Lisa shares her experiences in the Finally First coaching program and loves how it’s not overwhelming and helps her build the momentum she’s been looking for, without even realizing it.

Enjoy this episode!

Featured on the Podcast:

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Finally First is my monthly midlife coaching program to help you go from last on the list to finally first! It’s also where I teach life-changing lessons, heIp you actually apply the concepts in your everyday life, and am available to mentor and coach you along the way! It’s a fun and comfortable way to get clarity and focus for your next chapter. Get on the VIP WAIT LIST if the doors aren’t open yet, but they will be soon!


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