The Summer that Never Was

Where in the world would you have been this week?

Are you thinking this type of thought?

About this summer?

About this year?

Do you think of it as “the summer that never was?”

Do you lead conversations like this when someone asks, “How’s it going?”

Personally…I would have been in Italy.

I think I’ve said that at least 5 times this week.

It’s so interesting. It’s not how I usually think.

I usually don’t focus on what might have been.

I notice that it’s not helpful to think this way at all.

If you’re thinking like this, you’re not alone. I hear my friends doing it too.

It’s common because almost EVERYONE seems to be cancelling things these days.

And you know what else is common?

The disappointment and doom and gloom train that starts picking up speed!

I don’t know about you…but I’m over it.

I’m tired of being bummed by the pandemic.

I’m not minimizing the impact and how hard can be; don’t get me wrong.

I can’t deny something else though.

I also can’t help but see some glimmers of goodness pretty regularly.

The biggest glimmer seems to be our collective ability to be more clear about priorities, especial in midlife.
Even when it’s outrageously weird and challenging…it’s still possible to be grateful about something.


There’s also some resistance to being positive at a time like this. Have you noticed this yourself?

There are compelling reasons to think about it though.

Check out your feelings when you think about what you wanted that never was.


Tons of negative emotions.

Almost like you don’t deserve to be grateful or positive right now because it’s just too bad out there.

Too bleak.

Too crazy.

Ask yourself if you like your reasons for experiencing all of this negative emotion.

Notice what you’re motivated to do when you feel like this.

Is it useful?

Is it helping you?

I love being open to the idea that there is SOME positive with all of this. Even when I don’t totally buy it.

I know it’s possible.

And I know it’s a good idea.

This little bit of movement forward doesn’t take away the sting of the crisis completely, nor should it.

But it ALSO allows for your mind to be open to some goodness….even just a little bit. Some opportunity. Some clarity. Some little bits of positivity.

And you know what? This makes a huge difference.

I can’t tell you how often I stopped to appreciate smart phones, lol. Smart phones weren’t as much of a “thing” 10 years ago.

And as annoyed as we can get about being so attached to them, they are definitely making a huge difference with helping us all cope.

So think about it. It’s true. I’m not writing you this email from Italy.

But… I’m watching birds love my solar powered bird fountain and getting immense pleasure from it.

I’m spending way more time than I ever imagined with my three young adult children – something that may never happen again for this period of time. And we’re healthy.

I hope you are too. I’m grateful for this every day of the week. Gratitude is the key right now. Seeing what’s going on up there in your beautiful mind.

Awareness is the first step to being the Queen of your Brain Domain TM , as I like to say.

The more authority you have over your brain, the better! I’m here for you! We have to supervise our minds ON THE REGULAR and we can do it TOGETHER

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