Time to hire a midlife transition coach?

Are you thinking about hiring a midlife transition coach? midlife coaching

Hiring a coach is a great idea when you feel stuck.

And it’s not a surprise to feel stuck in midlife!

Here’s the thing: A lot goes on in the midlife years.

There are so many ups and downs and hormonal everything.

Career angst.

Empty nest.

Lots of change. It can be a really confusing time.

You might even wonder if you’re going through a midlife crisis sometimes!

You may have heard about midlife coaching and wondered if that might be a good idea for you to feel better.

If you’re thinking about these types of questions, you’re probably on the right path!  Do these thoughts about midlife sound familiar to you? Do you want these things?

  • to be passionate about the work you’re doing;
  • to know that you won’t have regrets about what you didn’t do;
  • to wake up actually excited about what you’re about to accomplish;
  • to be clear if the job you have is the one you want to keep;
  • to be comfortable with your changing parenting role of raising older children (young adults); and
  • to be totally cool with midlife and aging.

Is this you? Or do you want it to be you?

midlife transition coach coaching blog

Not everyone has the same bumps in midlife.

I remember meeting a really passionate person, super happy and excited about her job. She owned her own needlepoint shop and as you can imagine, was absolutely committed to and excited about “all things needlepoint.” Her business wasn’t just selling beautiful kits though; there was also a big focus on teaching and sharing knowledge.  I loved that. There was such a positive energy in that store. And…she was the one who first pointed out that I needed reading glasses, lol.

All I kept thinking was…what must SHE have been thinking to support her ability to actually follow her dream?

Clearly, I wasn’t thinking thoughts anything like that. I was stuck.

I was so stuck that five years went by with me in, what seemed to be, a permanent spin.

Thank goodness, it didn’t last for ever, but five years is a lot of time.

Life’s too short to waste time feeling stuck!

Take a look at these classic midlife thoughts. Do these sound more familiar to you?

  • I really feel like I’m wasting time at work;
  • I don’t feel challenged anymore;
  • I want to do more with my life;
  • I’m so bored;
  • My kids need me less now that they’re older – what do I do now?
  • I would love to do something else but it scares me;
  • I love hearing rumors of “early retirement packages” at work…but I don’t know what I would do;
  • What’s going on with me? I’m just not content any more;
  • My pension is only a few years off now and that makes me feel stuck; and
  • Is this really all there is?

The thoughts that are rumbling around in your head are actually keeping you from the life that you want.  They are keeping you stuck.

Navigating your midlife transition with ease is possible! The good news is that you can choose what you think. You can get unstuck.

News flash: You have control over your thinking.

As a midlife coach, I help you take a close look at your thinking and how it’s affecting your life. New thoughts will lead directly to different feelings, actions and results. My goal is to help you gain new perspectives and be clear about the life you really, really want.

Sometimes you just know something is “off” but don’t really know what it is.  Some people call this a “midlife crisis.” With life coaching, you will come to understand why you are stuck and practice a different kind of thinking so that you can unstick yourself.

midlife transition coach coaching

How does midlife transition coaching work?

Well, it’s really about giving yourself the time to do a deep dive into your head.  So many of us aren’t connected to our thinking at all.  We are just in chaotic, busy auto-pilot land.

It’s my job help guide you.

I do that with a sense of humour, with kindness, and with a keen ability to listen and ask great questions.  You might squirm a bit as we are getting to what’s really going on, but it’s sooooo worth it to understand yourself at a much deeper level.

Together, we can find a way for you to create a life and career that is more what you want rather that what “happened to you”.

But the big question is…are you ready to start digging around in your mind? Because that’s really what life coaching is all about.

I help you get a perspective on your life and on what’s going on in your head so you can really move forward with your dreams, as corny as that sounds.

It’s not therapy…it’s not about treating a mental health problem or disease.  We won’t be going into your past and all of the things that happened in your childhood.

I also work on the phone or Zoom; it’s so easy to connect this way, there’s no travel or parking and even better, you don’t need to worry about how you look if you don’t feel like it.

Rather…the coaching I do is really about training your mind.

It’s about working with healthy people and helping them make their already good lives even more awesome!

Coaching together is about increasing your awareness about what you’re thinking, looking for the disconnect between what you have and what you want and learning how to be intentional so that you can create the results in your life that you’re really excited about.

It’s totally possible but it won’t happen by accident. If that was true, you’d already be on your way!

Here are two success stories from women who used their coaching experience to change their lives.

Meet Carolyn. She got a lot from coaching together and is now really happy in her new job! She discovered the direction she needed to go to find more fulfilment in her career. This was a really fun podcast interview!

Laura had a similar experience. She was feeling really stuck. Her career was great but something was off. She knew she needed some kind of a change but felt really overwhelmed and confused about which way to turn. Now she’s extremely excited with the career path she committed to. You’ll love hearing her story on the podcast.

You’re probably on the right career path now but just don’t see it.

This is really common. At your age, you’re not just older, but also wiser. You have a lot of experience to bring to whatever you’re doing, learning or experiencing. When you look for evidence and clues about your real interests and passions, you’re likely to find them when you know what to look for. You might not be on the EXACT path, but the path you’re on is likely more meaningful than you are aware.

This is one of the reasons I love working with clients about career reinvention. It’s so exciting to help clients with such a seriously rewarding life issue!

Want more evidence of how effective career coaching can be in midlife?

Here’s a testimonial from Elaine in Ontario:

“Working with Suzy was an interesting and exciting prospect for me. I went into the course very skeptically (I had never participated in any life coaching programs before) and finished feeling that we had accomplished a lot. It didn’t take long for me to feel very comfortable talking to her about serious issues that you don’t get a chance to discuss in everyday conversations, even with those close to you.

The program she takes you through is structured in such a way that each step builds on the previous one so that you can build a strong foundation for moving forward with your aspirations. What I really enjoyed was examining suppositions that I’d held so dearly and seeing that they weren’t necessarily true and could be holding me back. All this was done in a caring, professional manner that made me look forward to the next week’s session. For anyone at a crossroads and feeling overwhelmed, I would highly recommend Suzy’s program. At the conclusion I felt energized and focused. I’m so pleased that I decided to give it a shot.”

Click here if you want to explore coaching together!

Book a free, no obligation call:  The Women in the Middle Academy (WITMA): WITMA is a six-month, online coaching program and community for midlife women who are ready to create a life on their own terms and become the happiest, most free and fun version of themselves! This can be you! Don’t waste another second feeling stuck. Head over to www.womeninthemiddleacademy.com, book your free, no-obligation “MOMENTUM” call and we’ll take it from there.




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